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Tokyo-3, Geo frontIn the year 2015 A.D. The whole humanity is on the edge of survival. Gigantic entities called 'Angels' appeared mysteriously from nowhere and begun wielding its destructive powers upon the earth. They are unvanquished again any mundane weapons made by human hands. NERV, the United Nation's secret agency, created "EVANGELION", an ultimate weapon against the Angels, making it a likeness of a man. The only hope for the entire human race lies in it. Thus the story begins...

Do you like my prologue? Then let me tell you the detail in the following timeline.

1999 A.D. Kyoto
Fuyutsuki Kozou who was a lecturer in Kyoto University and also a well-known scientist met for the very first time with Ikari Yui and Rokubungi Gendou (Shinji's future parents). Later on, Yui dating Gendou but Fuyutsuki believed that actually Gendou was only interested with the foundation who backed up Yui i.e. SEELE.
2000 A.D. Antarctica
The infamous Second Impact. It was believed to be a lethal disaster caused by the first Angel named ADAM.
2001 A.D.
The first year of the 21st century. There was nothing but hell.
2002 A.D.
Again, Fuyutsuki-sensei met with Gendou who had changed his name into Ikari Gendou, after marrying Ikari Yui. Also the little Katsuragi Misato, one of the survivors after the Second Impact, who was muted for 2 years.
2003 A.D. Hakone
Fuyutsuki and Gendou were arguing about the SEELE and Dead Sea Scroll, but before Fuyutsuki talks much in public, Gendou took him to Gehirn (former NERV) to see Dr. Akagi Kyoko (Ritsuko's late mother) who created a super bio-computer called MAGI, and asked him to support the plan of making the prototype of God, the new genesis of mankind, EVANGELION.
2004 A.D. Hakone 2nd Underground Lab
EVA 01 Entry Plug The death of Yui, caused by her own failure in EVA experiments. There are many rumors said she was actually killed by her own husband, but some says it was Akagi Kyoko cunning deed to hid her affair with Gendou.
2005 A.D. Tokyo-2, Nagano
Grown up Katsuragi Misato and Akagi Ritsuko met for the very first time in their university, and soon they become close friends. Misato also introduced her boyfriend, who's none other than Kaji Ryouji.
2008 A.D.
Akagi Ritsuko's first day working in Gehirn, when she busted her mom's affair with Gendou.
2010. A.D.
Gendou brought the 1st Ayanami Rei to Gehirn HQ. Dr. Akagi Kyoko somehow remembered to Ikari Yui as she saw Rei. Indeed, she had just completed the S. C. MAGI system when she met Rei 1 who called her as 'Baasan' (old hag) and it gets on her nerve that she choked her to death. She got panic and committed suicide. Due to the tragedy, SEELE disbands Gehirn, and in order to complete the Project E, a special organization called NERV was formed.
2015 A.D. Tokyo-3
Here the story begins, grown up Ikari Shinji was summoned by his father, who had abandoned him for ages, to be the pilot of EVA 01 and... I believe you know what happened next ^_^.
2016 A.D. Tokyo-3
It's still indistinct, whether it's reality or not but it was the setting on the finale of anime series. There are nothing much I can tell, it was an alter world where the Second Impact never happened, Shinji lives happily with her living mom and dad, goes to school with Asuka, meets with Rei who is a transfer student, and also Misato as his teacher! I guess it's kind a imaginary world where Shinji finds his true self, almost like a daydream, gone when you woke up... Sa, that's my review! Watch the anime for details ^,^