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welcome to our bishounen world. i intentionally designed the layout with a very stimulating look of Midou Ban (i can hear all the girls in the club screaming for more!). yet, i had prepared an alter layout of Amano Ginji too. just click on the name of character you'd like to be the layout (it's purely fan service). ja, iku ze!

anime x manga

there's nothing more attractive than a manga/anime with dozen of hunks, and you can get them all in GetBackers! it's that all what GB offers you? NO, in fact GB has much much more than what you can read and see here. i read and watched GB almost at the same time, and i found that the anime is more amusing. however, i suggest you to read the manga as well. now i'll give you lil clues about GB manga and anime.

let's begin with the manga (since it's the pioneer), GB has been serialized in Shounen Magazine (Kondansha) long before the first tankoubon issued in 1999. this shounen manga born on the hands of Aoki Yuuya as script writer and Ayamine Rando as the mangaka. you may find out later some slight changes of Ayamine-sensei's artwork, Ban and Ginji's hairdo, Akabane's hat, for instance. nevertheless the artwork improved well. girlfans can enjoy the adorable characters such as Ban, Ginji, Kazuki, and many more available. and for boyfans they will certainly enjoy the explicit violence, gore, and esp. Ayamine-sensei's sense of lechery *grin*.

the anime is a lil more polite, less animated violence, gore, and sensual scenes. but... it hits a big score in Japan! Studio DEEN was entrusted to visualized GB into 49 episodes. in my personal concern, the success of GB anime lies on its beautiful character design. Nakajima Atsuko, the character designer, made a very similar design with the manga's. as a female animator, it's amazing she could design in shounen style. not to mention the 2 great directors behind it, Furuhashi Kazuhiro (Hunter x Hunter, Rurouni Kenshin) and Motonaga Keitaro (Argento Souma, Rayearth). furthermore, my fave composer, Iwasaki Taku (Rurouni Kenshin, Witch Hunter Robin) also took part!

tokoro de, the anime has many great songs, i.e. Yuragu Koto nai Ai (Stardust) by Tamura Naomi (OP1 & ED 5), Barairo no Sekai by Pierrot (OP2), Ichibyou no Refrain by Otoha (ED1), Namida no Hurricane by BON BON BLANCO (ED2), Mr. Deja Vu by Naja (ED3), and Changin' by Nona Reeves (ED4). not to mention, for the gamefreaks GB games are already available in stores. GBA has 2 RPGs entitled Metropolis Dakkan Sakusen! and Jagan Fuuin!, for PS2 there are action-fighting game and RPG i.e. Ubawareta Mugenjou and Dakkandayo! Zennin Shuugou!!. to be honest, i hadn't played any of those games T_T so i couldn't tell you more details about it.


ee...ban-chan, nani yo kore?