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midou ban>> midou ban a.k.a. jagan no otoko
2 things that always attach to this guy i.e. cigar and glasses. differ from other charas, ban has 2 specialties at once: jagan (evil eyes) which creates illusion for 1 minute, plus a 200kg-power fist called snake bite. beneath his easy-going and crudeness, Ban has painful past when he was rejected by his own parents.

amano ginji >> amano ginji a.k.a. raitei
as Akabane said, "you're really someone i cannot understand." Ginji has a very unique personality. once he looks funny and cute but on the other time, he turns cold and eerie. he was a leader of the most powerful gang in Mugenjou, VOLTS. but then he decided to leave and formed GetBackers with his new gal, Ban.
akabane kuroudo >> akabane kuroudo a.k.a. Dr. Jackal
my no.1 fave chara! proverb said "looks can be deceiving" is really fit to this well-mannered guy. with a smile and polite language, he always look cool and classy, but not when it comes to his hobby i.e. homicide. by using 108 scalpels, which were kept within his body, he could rip off his prey in split second.
fuuchouin kazuki >> fuuchouin kazuki a.k.a. itou no kazuki
another deceiving chara, because of his extreme beauty, many thought he's a girl (including me ^^). Kazuki was born and grew up by the way of Fuuchouin family where he was treated as a girl. Kazuki was one of the 4 kings of former VOLTS. his weapon are koto strings which were tied in a pair of bells.
fuyuki shido >> fuyuki shido a.k.a. beast master
if i could have any of abilities in GetBackers, i will certainly choose Shido's ability to communicate and control animals. he have same guts and crudeness as Ban, that they always picking up each other anytime they meet. amazingly, Shido had a crush on a blind girl named Otawa Madoka.
kudo himiko >> kudo himiko a.k.a. lady poison (Last Children)
Ban's old comrade when they were ubaiya. this fair-skinned lady uses 7 kinds of poisonous perfumes to manipulate her opponents. he used to hate Ban because Ban had killed her big brother, Yamato. but soon she realized it was a misunderstanding and became GetBackers' ally.
a very genius comp freak who adores Ginji to the bones. when Ginji left Mugenjou, he got outrage and set a plan to control Mugenjou by any means. though by age he's very young but he has many loyal fellows. together with Kazuki, Shido, and Toshiki, they are known as former VOLTS' 4 kings.
kagami kyouji >> kagami kyouji
Kagami is a citizen of Babylon City and a perfect mate for Akabane. he works as observer of Belt Line and Lower Town. this dandy guy could create illusion with mirror and multiply himself. though he once fought with Akabane but eventually they get along like Mr.Hyde and Dr.Jeckyl (since they both 'insane' ^^)
kakei juubei >> kakei juubei a.k.a. tobari no juubei
the Kakei family has been a loyal protector for Fuuchoin family, and so does Juubei who had dedicated his life to Kazuki. nevertheless, he broke his vow when he nearly killed Kazuki. but after the incident at Mugenjou, they becomes even more intimate. Juubei have a big sister named Sakura who lived at Mugenjou.
GetBackers' sole agent, though she takes too much percentage, GB barely can reject her orders. HEVN also brings orders for Shido, Himiko, even Akabane. except HEVN, they are also Wan Pore, Honky Tonk cafe owner where GB usually hang out, and Mizuki Natsumi, the part-time waitress who often treats GB free meals (because they always broke Y_Y).
aa! naze minna koko de irunda?