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reported by inumako
photographs by aniki

aniki & inumako


inumakoSundae, June 12, 2005
today a grand annual BUNKASAI was held in the capital and it is for the first time i took a part in an official cosplay event. i thought i've must been crazy, to travel miles away from home only to cosplay as Uchiha Itachi ^o^ but i know that i would not make it without aniki's support, "sankyu, aniki!". indeed i was about to withdraw when i see the other cosplayers who looked so charming. but aniki convinced me and i did the craziest thing in my history. however, i feel so lucky to have a big bro like aniki because he keeps supporting me from the very beginning til the end. about the costume, it took a whole month to prepare it and i spend whole of my saving for this costume. yet, i'm not sorry because it was worthy ^,^

hayate, itachi, gaara at first i feel so nervous because people were staring at me and wondered "what the hell is this girl doing?!" but soon as many Naruto fans asking for my picture or taking pictures with me, i feel more comfortable. indeed i know no one but aniki yet the cosplayers were quite friendly to each other. the best thing is that today the cosplay contest is dominated by Naruto cosplayers. there were total 13 cosplayers i.e. Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, Gai, Rock Lee, Gaara, Itachi (inumako), Hayate, Zabuza and 3 ANBU girls. then i joined with the ANBU, and we recruited Kakashi to make Naruto Team 1.

Naruto Teamthe cosplay contest was delayed for more than 2 hours (around 04.30 p.m.) i spent my time chatting with the other cosplayers whom i had just met. above all, the nicest thing is when people asked to take picture with me. it seems i had chosen the right chara for my cosplay because Itachi has many fans (though mostly girls). i heard these girls calling out Itachi's name to address me (what a real thrilling sensation *lol*) it was so fun, i never thought i will meet many other Naruto cosplayers. well, undoubtedly this year is the golden year of NARUTO.

inumako on stage however, trouble comes when we have to perform on the stage. as a newbie i'm not used to it yet and i'm not a type of performer. things ain't get better because our team was made recently and we do not know each others well. meanwhile the Naruto Team 2 (our comrades as well as competitor) has already prepared everything and they were good friends. i had already have a bad omen about this but i couldn't do anything. we got the number "5" and when our turn comes suddenly i felt so sick like i wanna puke. basically, our performance was sux, no one laughed or applaud. i felt as if the ground where i stand is swallowing me. worse, the next one was Naruto Team 2 and they made a successful gag. gotta say, they have teamwork and key chara such as Naruto, Gai and Rock Lee. meanwhile i have to keep my pride as the 'cool' Itachi T_T

Gaara cosplayer undoubtedly the most appealing cosplayer was Gaara. from the very first time he entered the site he has become everyone's attention. not to mention that this Gaara cosplayer really got the look *blush* i could hear girls screaming out his name "Gaara, aishiteru!". gosh, i wish my lil bro were here *chuckle* actually me and aniki were betting that no one will dare to become Gaara, thus when we see him we were both speechless. while the Naruto cosplayers were divided into 2 teams, this Gaara cosplayer wanted to be on his own (real selfish just like the original one). yet soon i knew why he wants to perform alone. indeed he made a successful on-stage performance that made everyone screaming and laughing. more so, in the end he yelled at the girls "aishiteru! aishiteru! aishiteru!" um... this Gaara is surely a loving guy ^ ^"

inumako's post note : as a first time experience in an official cosplay event, this was far better from my expectation. i had such a great time and met many otaku. it's an experience that i won't forget and i will tell this to generations after me ^,^ aniki felt the same with me (maybe because i had turned him into a Naruto otaku ^o^) thus i'd like to greet every cosplayers who took the same cosplay event with me (esp. my team mates, Kakashi and the ANBU girls) though i don't know their names but our quick encounter was a lovely fate *blush* Long Live Cosplayers!!!

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