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inumako awards

it's just a fad indeed, the winners were chosen by myself, nominated by myself and awarded by myself. so please enjoy this irresponsible awards! ^^;;

THE BEST DUO : Midou Ban x Amano Ginji
undoubtedly the GetBackers duo of Ban and Ginji is the best among any other duos. Ginji cares Ban so much and Ban trusts Ginji most, that it seems there's something 'deeper' about their partnership >_<. moreso, the only person who could tame Ginji's raitei persona is Ban, meanwhile Ginji could only feel his true self when he's with Ban. ain't they such a perfect couple?!

THE BEST MALE CHARACTER : Amano Ginji a.k.a. Raitei
my first impression of Ginji in the manga is "he's fine..." but as i watch the anime, i think i knew why he becomes the most fave chara in GB, "he's cute!" (esp. when he poses as tare panda). my most fave episode is when Ginji was separated from the group in his mission at Mugenjou, so he had to walk alone with Akabane, whom he hates and fears most. it was so hilarious! above all, i think everyone agreed that Ginji's Raitei persona is extremely cool! >o<

THE BEST FEMALE CHARACTER : Kudo Himiko a.k.a. Lady Poison
i'm a bit dubious with this nomination since there weren't many female chara in GB, furthermore they are all too 'ordinary'. but due to this and that, the nomination eventually fell to the lady poison. why her? because she's a heroine, more or less. sorry for HEVN fans, i didn't chose her because, indeed she's hot but, she has no guts.

THE BEST VILLAIN : Akabane Kuroudo a.k.a. Dr. Jackal
as i read the 2nd issue of GB manga, i found myself deeply in love with this cordial but merciless chara. not only because of his cool and elegant manner but he is a guy whom most people would love to hate, and i always love what most people hate ^,^ actually Akabane is neither friend nor foe, as what he said to MAKUBEX, "i'm no one's comrade." somehow he reminds me to Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter (i wonder if they really meet and fight, awesome!).

THE BEST BISHOUNEN : Fuuchouin Kazuki a.k.a. Itou no Kazuki
please don't refer Kazuki as okama. he, indeed, has a body of a girl but he's a genuine guy! as it's already known that the Fuuchouin family members have to wear long-sleeve kimono and play koto until age 15, despite they are males. it seems to me, Kazuki and Juubei have an unusual relationship, ain't they look like a newly-wed couple? ^ ^

THE BEST DUEL : Akabane Kuroudo vs Kagami Kyouji
Akabane's duel with Kagami was held in Mugenjou in his mission to deliver and also retrieve IL. though Kagami eventually ran from the battlefield, he (at least) torn Akabane's fave hat. i love this bout because i think Akabane and Kagami have the same skill and deadly aura. it's too bad that it ended quickly and they never really finish the duel Y_Y.

THE BEST EPISODE : Ginji hospitalized? It's the hospital! Everyone gather (#38)
i always love this episode no matter how many times i've watched it. it's damn hilarious and amusing, i guaranteed you will laugh till you drop! begin with Ginji's reckless act of catching a rolling onigiri down a building, then you can see how awkward were Ban-tachi in hospital. my most fave part is the finale when Akabane visits Ginji and peels him an apple with the scalpel ^o^

THE BEST SEIYUU : Tobita Nobuo as Akabane Kuroudo
i gave 5 thumbs up to Akabane's seiyuu namely Tobita Nobuo, because he's a genius. i can truly feel Akabane's chara in his voice. by using polite japanese with a placid and elegant manner, Akabane comes alive in the anime because of Tobita-san's excellent dubbing. Tobita-san also sung a character theme song for Akabane entitled Shi no Jundo (Purity of Death).



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