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here we will talk about Naruto's world setting. firstly, there's something basic to know that Naruto's world consists of big 5 countries (kuni) i.e. Hi (fire), Mizu (water), Kaze (wind), Rai (lightning), and Tsuchi (earth). each country has at least one hidden village, such as Konohagakure (hidden leaf) in Hi no Kuni, Sunagakure (hidden sand) in Kaze no Kuni, Kirigakure (hidden mist) in Mizu no Kuni, and many other minor hidden villages. each village also has a leader i.e. Hokage, Mizukage, Kazekage, Raikage, and Tsuchikage. however, due to lack of space (as always ^^") we will explain the major hidden villages only.

Konoha Gakure
konohaCountry : Hi (Fire)
Hidden Village : Konoha (leaf)
Leader : Hokage (Tsunade)
the strongest and most prosperous country of all. this is where our heroes lived. Konohagakure is famed for their brave shinobi, esp. the Hokage. the most distinctive landmark is a hill where the faces of Hokage were carved on (doesn't it remind you to Mt. Rushmore?) this village has a ninja academy, ramenya (where Naruto usually hangs up), onzen (where Jiraiya peeps), yakinikuya (Chouji's fave place), hanaya (Ino's flowershop), hospital, shrine, etc.

Suna Gakure
sunaCountry : Kaze (Wind)
Hidden Village : Suna (sand)
Leader : Kazekage (Gaara)
this humble country is Konoha ally. yet because of the alliance treaty Sunagakure lost a lot of incomes and turn destituted. Orochimaru took this advantage and persuaded Kazekage to betray the treaty and annihilate Konoha to eternity. the best trio suna shinobi: Gaara, Kankuro and Temari were assigned for this job. yet eventually they found out Orochimaru had killed Kazekage and fled away. then Sunagakure reconciled with Konohagakure.

Nami Gakure
namiCountry : Mizu (water)
Hidden Villages : Nami (wave), Kiri (mist), Ame (rain), Taki (waterfall)
Leader : Mizukage
Namigakure is where Naruto-gumi had their first mission outside their homeland. in this village they met Zabuza (a missing nin from Kirigakure) and Haku (a pretty boy from Yuki no Kuni). the mission was done successfully and Naruto became a true hero! meanwhile, Kirigakure is famed for their strong military forces and S-class rated missing nin (Hoshigaki Kisame).

Oto Gakure
otoCountry : Unknown
Hidden Village : Oto (sound)
Leader : Orochimaru
a real 'hidden' village since its exact location is not known yet. rather than a village, Otogakure is a secret underground residence in an unknown forest. this hidden village was founded by Orochimaru himself, for his sordid mission of course. Orochimaru gathered many strong shinobi and cast the curse seals upon them. the curse seals make them stronger yet helplessly bond to him.


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