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Akatsuki is the name of a secret organization which consists of 9 S-ranked missing nin. recently is known that their main objective is to collect Bijuu.

ItachiUchiha Itachi
Age : 20 (Jun 9)
Origin : Konohagakure
the big brother of Sasuke and the man who slaughtered his own clan in just one night. thus he's listed in Bingo book. has incredible records viz. graduated from academy at age 7, awakened the sharingan at age 8, passed chuunin exam at age 10, and led the ANBU at age 13. however, he hates his fate as Uchiha successor and decided to do his own way. secretly he killed his own best pal, Uchiha Shisui, to obtain the mangekyou. yet he let his lil bro alive, thus Sasuke will hate him, curse him, and kill him one day. once he returned to Konoha with his new comrade, Kisame, to abduct Naruto. thank God, Jiraiya came at the nick of the time and halted their mission.

KisameHoshigaki Kisame
Origin : Kirigakure
together with Uchiha Itachi, he came to Konoha to abduct Naruto. "same" in Kisame means "shark", as you can see, he has those shark gills on his cheeks . he uses a huge sword named Samehada which able to eat up chakra.

Origin : Sunagakure
Sasori means Scorpion. he was known as the puppet army's genius model creator from the red sand and the creator of Kankuro's puppets. he left his village over 20 years ago. Sasori used a puppet named Hiruko to disguise himself at first. he killed his own parents and turned them into puppets. he also abducted and assassinated the 3rd Kazekage and turned him into his most deadly weapon.

Origin : Iwagakure
newly introduced in the Part 2, Deidara is a clay-craftsman. he and Sasori went to Sunagakure to abduct the 'one-tailed' Shusaku inside Gaara. eventually he defeated Gaara with a perfect cunning tactic.

Otogakure Shinobi
orochimaruOrochimaru (Serpent Senin)
Age : 53 (Oct 27)

yea, our no.1 most hated foe. as evil as it could be, he only has one good point i.e. never gives up. fitted with his name, he really has the look and character of a serpent. to fulfill his sordid ambition, he founded a hidden village, Otogakure, and collected deviate shinobi. Orochimaru is already a deviant since he was a youngster. secretly he abused Konoha shinobi as guinea pigs for his filthy experiment. amazingly, he made to reveal the forbidden jutsu, immortality. however, he needs a new body as a live container every 3 years. thus he chose Sasuke as his next successor.

sasukeUchiha Sasuke
Age : 15 (July 23)
a stereotypical idol boy, he's cool, calm, and confident. more so, Sasuke was the best genin in Konohagakure. being the no.1 is not enough since his primary objective is to kill his evil brother, Itachi, who had killed all of Uchiha clan but him. thus he has to be stronger than anybody else. the angst had sink him deeper and deeper into darkness. Orochimaru knew his true strength and laid the seal curse on his neck, he was promised an ultimate power to defeat his brother. thus Sasuke betrayed his comrades and his village. at first, Sasuke underestimated Naruto just like everybody else, but later on he acknowledged Naruto as his strongest opponent and his best friend as well.

hakutoYakushi Kabuto
a real twisted person, he can fools the others with his smiley face and never shows his true demonic self. though he was a Konoha shinobi, he dedicated his life loyally to Orochimaru. many times he requested, even forced his master to use his body as a live container but it always ends in vain.

kimimaroKaguya Kimimaro
a beautiful man who should have become Orochimaru's next 'container', if only he didn't get ill. the last remaining survivor from Kaguya clan, a clan which has a very unique limit blood inheritance i.e. morphic bones. it took more than 3 men to defeat him, Naruto, Rock Lee, and lastly Gaara.

sakon Sakon (right) and Ukon (left)
first clue, this is a man. second, he's not alone since he has an alter brother. they could merge with someone's body and killed it slowly from the inside. Kiba and Akamaru almost met their death on these crazy twin hands. luckily, Kankuro came at the nick of the time and executed them, brutally.

such a girl of my type ^,^ she talked in coarse masculine language and cursed all the time (in Japan, it's very impolite for girls to use masculine language and to curse as well). Tayuya used a flute to manipulate 3 giant zombies. Shikamaru got totally fu**ed up, yet Temari came and save his ass ^_^.

another odd looking shinobi, with 6 hands and 2 legs (the same as spider). he could produce a strange liquid as materials for web and another deadly weapons. Neji risked his life fighting this spider freak (wonder what will happen if he meets Spiderman ^ ^).

rated as the weakest amongst the five Otogakure shinobi. a fatass shinobi who always felt unpleasant with Tayuya harsh language. he used earth/soil element as his weapon. Chouji got his worst furious battle with him on his way to retrieve Sasuke (indeed a true moving story Y_Y)

zabuzaMomochi Zabuza
Origin : Kirigakure
Zabuza has already famed since he was a kid when he killed all his classmates during the chuunin exam. then he betrayed his own village and ran. he picked up Haku on his way and taught him ninjutsu. he might acting so cold towards Haku but deep inside his heart he really cares about Haku.

Origin : Yuki no Kuni
such a pretty white boy. he's a real loyal fellow of Zabuza, proven by giving his own life to save his beloved master. Haku is a son of an advanced bloodline family clan of Yuki (snow) country thus he inherited a high ninjutsu skill, esp. in using needles and water element as his weapons.


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