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It's perfect time for the shopacoholic who wants to spice up your life with Hikaru no GOodies. Dakara... I've listed some adorable goodies for you to collect.

Size : 26,5 x 37 cm (hardcover)
Thickness : 160 pages (full color)
Price : ¥3800 (tax not included)

It's probably the best HikaGO tie-in goodies. In this 160 huge-full-color-paged-book you can enjoy many beautiful artwork which was done by the hands of Obata-sensei himself. I bet you won't get bored seeing the artwork, since Obata-sensei used various techniques to draw. Once it seems natural, next is so simple and on the other time looks so classic.

[ If you'd liked to see the scanned artbook and manga, you should check this out! TORIYAMA'S WORLD. I've got most of HikaGO images from there ^.^ ]

There's another artbook, entitled Hikaru no GO: Gorgeous~ Characters Guide. Just as the title said, it's an artbook with the info of HikaGO chara. Although it's smaller and b/w, it has a hidden story of Sai which is, of course, only being told in this book. The rest is for the game freaks, check out Hikago game in PlayStation : Heian Gensou Ibonroku and Hikaru no GO, plus Hikaru no Go 2 for the Game Boy Advanced console. There you GO!

Shindou Hikaru