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Name : Kaga Tetsuo
B' day : January 8th
Gender : Male
Height : 5' 9" (176 cm)
Blood Type : O
School : Haze Junior High School
Hobbies : play Shougi and smoking
"Shougi no hou ga senbau omoshiroize!"


Kyaa! Kaga ga kakkoi yo ne! He is my most fave chara in Hikago. Violent, rowdy, and deviant, that's him. He is an ex-GO player who turned to Shougi (Japanese chess), but his expertise in Go still does not fade away. He became the captain in his school Shougi club. Behind his rowdiness, he has a painful past with GO which made him so mad when Shindou Hikaru called the name of Touya Akira, his GO ex-rival. There was a time when he was a lil boy that he had to defeat Akira or he wouldn't be allowed to go home. Lil Akira knew it and he intentionally let Kaga won by 1/2 Me. This humiliation made Kaga really hates Akira and swear not to play GO any longer. But finally he clipped the GO stones again after Hikaru challenge.

Kaga is Hikaru's senpai (upperclassman), the same as Tsutsui Kimihiro . I think Kaga and Tsutsui is a very unique 'couple' due to their characteristics (fu...fu...fu...). However, everyone always have a good side, despise his rudeness, he is a very supportive friend. When Hikaru decided to be an Insei, he is the man on the first place who supported Hikaru. There are 2 things which became his trademarks i.e. cigars and a paper fan with a character of 'Oushou' (the King pawn in Shougi). I somehow admire his force and loyalty, I think he will become the true King of his world ^_~.

Kaga Tetsuo