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[ Hikaru no GO project by Inuko Makoto ]


Irrashaimase, Welcome to my 3th project.
Ara! It's so nice to see you all again!
I believe you've already known what this site about.
So let's just start the game! Yosh, Let's GO!!!

Demo... first of all, I'd like to dedicate this site to all my ex-comrades at SaiGO club. Although we're no longer together but I will always remember all your deeds, "Keep on GOing, dudes!"

Also my best ex-GO partner, Dhani-kun. Ganbatte!

Also to the GO instructors, Ian-sensei the hentai lover, and kawai hito Hari-sensei. Yoroushiku Onegaishimasu *ojigi*.

Mirna-tachi, The Oni Musume at psycho camp. Thanx for the friendship!

Oniichan, thank you very very much enrolling me to SaiGO Club. Doumou arigatou gozaimashita.


Let's GO!!!