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Let's GO!!!


Irrashaimase, Welcome to my 3th project.
Aiya! It's so nice to see you all again! As you seen in the previous page, this is my very special project because I made it in 3 languages. I believe you've already known what this site about.
So let's just start the game! Yosh, Let's GO!!!

Demo... first of all, I'd like to dedicate this site to:

All my friends in NihonGO club: SaiGO, GO, GO, GO!!!.
"Keep on GOing, dudes!"

My best GO partner, Dhani-kun. Let's beat 'em all ^_^

Mirna-chan, my comrade! Thank you for sharing me
all the J-stuffs and fanaticism. Banzai Nippon!!!

And esp. to Hari "Ore no Kawai Sensei", Thanx for all the lesson. Yoroushiku Onegaishimasu 'bow'.

Oniue, thank you very very much for helping me
making off this project.

Let's GO!