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The manga was first realeased in Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha) edition 2/3 year 1999. First time released, HikaGO hitted the chart of Top Ten best manga in Japan and brought the mangaka as ones with the highest payment mangaka in Japan. I personally fell in love with HikaGO on the first sight, the artwork is so perfect and also a genius unpredictable story. I've listed HikaGO on the top of my most fave-manga-all-time!

On the tankuobon no 18 there are 6 extra stories of Touya Akira, Kaga Tetsuo, Nase Asumi, Mitani Yuuki, Atsushi Kurata, and Fujiwara no Sai. The Sai's additional chapter was taken from HikaGO original anime entitled Sabaki no Ikkyoku! Inishie no Hanayo Sake. It's aired at Jump Festa 2001 which was held by Shueisha in few big cities in Japan. It's about Hikaru's match against a crafty owner of an antique shop, when he was looking for the substitute of Kaga's fave tea cup. Here it's discovered that Sai really hates frog ^.^. Wait a second! It's not that simple, because actually the crafty antique-shop owner was a GO Pro 5-Dan!

Gotta admit, this manga really really contagious! In Japan, Nihon Ki-In or Japan Go Association was flooded by new comers. The reason was simple, they wanted to be just like Sai and Hikaru ^_~. It seems that GO has a brighter future from now on.

Now in Japan the tankuobon is still running, Hikaru grew up becomes a real attractive cool dude in his pro time. Kyaaa! It's getting more and more interesting. That's why you shouldn't miss the manga if you don't want to miss a great story, incredibly beautiful artwork and free GO lessons @_@.

Hikaru to Waya