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Name : Mitani Yuuki
B' day : October 15th
Gender : Male
Height : 5' 3" (159 cm)
Blood Type : AB
School : Haze Junior High School
"Ore date Igobu nanka yameteyaru!"


The GO rounin ^.^" as how I'd liked to call him. Firstly he plays for nothing but OKANE (money). Another genius player, Mitani is an extraordinary GO player at his very young age. He get his skill from betting against the elders in the GO salon. It's just too bad that he won by cheating. Until one day, he lost 10,000 yen because he was cheated flawlessly by his opponent, Dake-san.

Moved by Mitani's bad luck, Shindou Hikaru revenged his lost and get the money back. Then Hikaru invited (more like, forced, actually ^^") him to enroll with the school's GO club and join with the 4th National Junior GO Contest, together with Hikaru and Tsutsui Kimihiro. Although they didn't win the match against Kaio Junior High School but from then on Mitani found his destiny in playing GO fairly.

Looking arrogant, cold and stubborn, Mitani seems to never really care about the others, but actually he has a concern to his friends (even he may not show it up). However, since joining the club, his cheating behavior is slowly vanished. He often seen wearing suspenders, a kind of his trademark. Mitani have a big sister who works in the internet cafe where Hikaru spend his summer break playing GO in the net, for FREE!

Mitani Yuuki