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Name : Ogata Seiji
B' day : January 17
Blood Type : A
Rank : 9-
Dan Pro


Kyaa! It's my other fave chara ^o^. Ogata-sensei is a very cool guy who loves smoking, tropical fishes and sporty cars (Wow, what an elite guy!). He was the one who helped Shindou Hikaru so that Hikaru could join with the Insei entrance exam because actually Hikaru enrolled pretty late.

For the first time he saw Hikaru (when Hikaru screw up an amateur Go competition), he knew that Hikaru has a hidden great talent in Go. He also knew somehow that Hikaru has a 'special' link with Touya Akira so he often provoke Hikaru to go further. He seems to have a bad relation with Houninbou Kuwabara who never gives up teasing him. Go kill that old man!

Beside his interest to Hikaru, he also has his own ambition he urges to attain i.e. become the next Meijin, Houninbou, also a fair game with Sai.

Ogata 9-Dan