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Name : Waya Yoshitaka
B' day : August 12th
Gender : Male
Height : 5' 7" (168 cm)
Blood Type : O
Affiliation : Morishita 9-Dan student
"Pro shiken ni ukaranai kagiri ippo mo
saki ni susumarainda"


Shindou Hikaru and Waya actually had already known each other before they first met. Yup! They met in the Net GO during the summer break. Waya used the nickname 'Zelda' meanwhile Hikaru used nickname 'Sai' ^_~. Waya was one of hundreds net GOer who get curious about who Sai really is.

Waya is an insei who had failed 3 times in his pro exam, but he finally passed in his fourth time. He's more less acting like a big brother to Hikaru who is a rookie in insei world. Waya told him many things he needs to know about GO. I think Waya and Hikaru has many things in common for instance their style, their character, and maybe that's why they seemed to attach each other.

Waya's GO friends in Nihon Ki-in (Japanese Go Association), except Hikaru, are Isumi Shinichirou, Fukui Yuuta and Nase Asumi.