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* Characters


Hanyou, InuyashaName : Inuyasha (or Inu Yasha or Inu-Yasha)
Nicknames : Inuyasha (by most people), Inuyasha-sama (by Myouga), Inukorro or Dogface ^_^ (by Kouga), Inu-niichan (by Souta)
Family : Dai-youkai (late father), mother (deceased), Sesshoumaru (half older-brother)
Age : ? (youkai lives longer than human) probably older than 60 years old of youkai age.
Features : A pair of cute dog-ears (which made him looks much cuter ^ ^), long rich flowing gray hair, yellow eyes, claws, barefooted, glaring red kimono which was made from hinezumi's leather, Nenju which can be activated when Kagome yells "Osuwari!" and a katana named Tetsusaiga.
Forte : To fight equal well with his claws, blood and Tetsusaiga, knowing someone's existence by its smell, run and bounce quite fast even when carrying someone on his back, to brawl and swear anyone ^_~.

Inuyasha is a hanyou, meaning a half-youkai and half-human. This fate made him so unhappy, since he's never been accepted neither by the youkai nor human. And this is also the reason why he stole Shikon no Tama in order to make him becomes a full-youkai. However, living by his own all the times had made him becomes such a very 'unique' person, he's arrogant, impatient, carefree, always trifling others, love to swear and argue, ignorant and simple-minded. On the other side, he's very strong, and as time flows he was bond with his comrades that made him more humane than ever. Inuyasha have a unique ways to show his care, for instance he followed Kikyou anywhere she goes without talking to her, or argues with Kagome only to ignore his worries.

From his late father who was a great wolf youkai, he inherited the Tetsusaiga which is made from his father's fang. When he was a kid he lived with his mom, a normal noble woman (looked like Kaguya Hime), till his mother died. Inuyasha hated his mom because she gave him the human blood, but deeper inside he really loves her. He also have a half older-brother named Sesshoumaru who hates him because he's a hanyou and having the Tetsusaiga. In the extreme, Sesshoumaru even tried to kill him. Well... family matters often happen, desu ne?

As a hanyou, there is a time when he could turn into a full-human form. Inuyasha will turn to human in the first day of the new moon (shingetsu). At that time, his hair will turn to black, so do his eyes, and no claws, the worst is that he'll also lose his youkai power that often makes him get irked. Inuyasha also can transform into a full-youkai, and if it happens he will lose his self-control. The first time he turned to youkai form Kagome reverted it by yelling out "Osuwari", but in the next transform it was only Tetsusaiga that could turn him back into a hanyou.

The other reason why he stole Shikon no Tama was to be able to live with Kikyou as a human. But something happened out of control that they turn to hate each other. Though Kikyou shot Inuyasha with her arrow and sealed him for eternity on Go-Shinboku, Kikyou was actually in love with him. Furthermore, when Inuyasha knew that Kikyou was resurrected, he became flustered to choose between Kagome and Kikyou.

And these are his special attacks:
Sankontessou : a normal attack with his claws that makes his opponents sliced into pieces.
Hijinkessou : by sprinkling his blood into sharp blades he can make a special long-distance attack.
Tetsusaiga : a normal attack with his huge fang-katana, ironically he cannot use it when he turns to a human. As it's not in use, it remains only a wornout sword. Tetsusaiga's sheath is also somewhat powerful.
Kaze no Kizu : a special attack of Tetsusaiga that can destroys 100 youkai in only one blow. Yahoooo!!!
Bakuryuuha : the super attack of Tetsusaiga when Inuyasha can use the Kaze no Kizu at anytime.

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