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* Characters


Name : Sango
Yokai Taijiya, Sango Nicknames : Sango (by most people), Sango-chan (by Kagome), Oneue (by Kohaku)
Family : Kohaku (late lil bro), Father (deceased).
Age :16.
Features : Sango have 2 different looks. When she's not in a battle, she wears a simple kimono with a green apron-like skirt on it, and let her hair untie. Meanwhile her battle gear is very cool (I like it much), it's a black over-all tight suit, carrying a huge boomerang named Hiraikotsu and a slight sword. She ties her hair on the topknot and sometimes wear a mask to protect herself the poisonous gas.
Forte : The best fighting girl, she fought very well with Hiraikotsu, Doku-fun, swords and many other youkai-hunting weapons.

Sango was born as the first daughter in a family of youkai hunter/exterminator, that's why she could fight well. Her family all deceased because of Naraku's trap, including her beloved lil bro, Kohaku. Sango was thought to be dead but she crawled out of her grave (how creep...). Naraku set a cunning plan and told her that it was Inuyasha who killed her family and entire villagers in her hometown. Since then Sango urge to kill Inuyasha, Naraku gave her a piece of Shikon no Tama on her back to reduce the pain. But when she was fighting with Inuyasha, her mask is revealed so she inhaled the Doku-fun. Thanks to Inuyasha, he saved her from her own weapon and from then on Sango knew that Naraku had tricked her.

Her grudge grew larger as she met Kohaku who was resurrected by Naraku and made him became one of his fellows. But because she loves her brother dearly, she would do anything to save him including stealing Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga. She was once thinking to split off from Inuyasha cs because she didn't want to betray them to save Kohaku. But Inuyasha with his typical style (barking like a dog ^^) ensured her that they'll become stronger if they stay together. Sango was never thought that she would be well-accepted by them, and she cried happily.

Sango's best match is none other than Miroku, the lecherous priest ^_^. It's uncertain whether it's intentional or not, but Miroku often touch her and even tried to kiss her!. Meanwhile, Sango will spontaneously give him a nice slap ^o^. Kagome thought that Sango actually have a crush on Miroku (and probably she does), but Inuyasha didn't think so.

Sango usually fight with these :
Hiraikotsu : a giant boomerang which she usually carries on her back when it's not in use.
Doku-fun : the poisonous gas to terminate youkai. She usually wear a mask so she won't inhale the gas.
Kirara : a very cute two-tailed strange cat which can turn into a cool giant cat. Kirara can fly and sometimes Inuyasha and friends ride on it too. Kirara seems to be Shippou's best match since they both are tiny ^^".


Name : Kohaku
Kohaku-kunNicknames : Kohaku (by most people), Kohaku-kun (by Kagome)
Family : Sango (elder sister), Father (deceased)
Age : 10 or so
Features : Kohaku wore a similar battle gear with Sango's, or a common kimono for Japanese kid on the other time. He tied his hair on the topknot and use a kusarigama (chained-blade) to fight.
Forte : Just like another youkai hunter, he can fight very well with his kusarigama.

When whole villagers in Sango's hometown was killed by youkai, Sango thought that she was the only surviver. That's why she was so surprised to see her lil bro is still alive. But Naraku had planted a Shikon no Kakera on his back to control him, and when he pulled it out Kohaku will be dead. However Sango really loves her lil bro so that she couldn't harm him, but Kohaku who's no longer recognize her, irreluctantly attacking her. Because of his blood relation with Sango, Kohaku became one of Naraku's best companion. In the next time, Kohaku was ordered to kill Rin.

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