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It's Shopping Time !

Now for your collections, I've enlisted some of Inuyasha tie-in goodies you may find in the nearest hobbies store. If you're currently living in Japan, you'll find plenty of these, but if you live outside Japan, I couldn't guarantee that you can find it all. Are you ready? Swipe off your card !

Inuyasha Artbook : Takahashi Rumiko Kogenga Zen Shuu, Anime Inuyasha no Sekai.
It's undoubtedly the best of any Inuyasha merchandise. Issued by Shounen Sunday Graphic which price of ¥1,905. This awesome artbook is a collection of Inuyasha's colorful illustration from Shounen Sunday magazine. Not only taken from the manga, but also some screen shot from the anime. Futhermore, the comparison between the manga and anime version. There are also character design, glossary, and all character who've contributed in the story. Not to mention, the interview and introduction with Takahashi-sensei, the seiyuu, and another crew involved in the making of Inuyasha. Most of the 164 pages are colorful in two-page set. Want to buy it? Go for it! The ISBN is 4-09-101189-6.

Ongaku Hen 1Inuyasha Ongakuhen (Inuyasha Music Collection)
Complete with the booklet issued by AVEX in March 28, 2002. There are 38 songs in it, including the TV version of Change The World by V6 and My Will by Dream. The rest are BGM tracks by Wada Kaoru of short instrumental themes which often appear in the anime (a must-buy goodie for Inu-lovers).

Inuyasha Original Soundtrack 2
Released in Spring 2002. Music by Wada Kaoru. Go and get it too!

Trading Cards
There are plenty of these since it's the most promoted goodies. The cards display some scenes and dialogues from the anime. Or if you like rummy, you can have a set of Inuyasha rummy (not bad at all...)

TV film comic book
You may find it until the 10th episode.

Inuyasha RPG for PSX
Are you a game-freak? Then you must but this game, esp. if you like RPG. A cool game released by Bandai in December 20, 2001 which cost off ¥5,800. If you delivered quiet earlier you could get the bonus i.e. Pocket Book contained of Inuyasha collective cards complete with the folder (yummy @_@).

hentaiInuyasha Fighting Game for PSX
I really like this game (because I like fighting game ^^"). In this game you can use most of all main chara such as Inuyasha (hanyou and youkai Inuyasha), Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippou (Ara!!!), Kikyou, Kouga, Sesshoumaru, Naraku, Kagura and Toutosai.

Inuyasha no Hentai (RESTRICTED : Only for 18 years old or Older!)
This is the 'best' option for hentai-otaku, but I'm not recommending you to collect it if you dislike hentai or still below 18 years old. There are quite plenty of Inuyasha hentai doujinshi you can buy in the net, such as Inuyasha x Kagome, Inuyasha x Kikyou, Kikyou x Naraku, even Sesshoumaru x Rin. The price goes from $14,99 until $24,99 + shipping of course.

You can also collect the DVD, postcard, manga and anime version of postcard book, memo pad, fax pad with message stickers, clear file, shitajiki, book mark, envelope, T-shirt, plushie (my fave!), folder, mini figure, game sticker, gashapon and key-holder.

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