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Youku Irrashaimashita!
Welcome to Inuko's Inuyasha Project

Finally, this project was done *sigh*. Thanks to everyone who'd helped and supported me. Ima wa, I 'd like to dedicate this project for those generous people and adorable 'creatures' :

( I especially dedicated this site for my puppy, Conan, in his loving memory.
I really love you, Conan ~_~ )

  1. Jesus Christ, my Lord, my Savior, my Everything!!!
  2. My beloved inu, Dexter and Missy. I love you all to the bones *kiss and hug*
  3. Pipim-niichan. Thanx for the advice and guidance during the making of my projects. Arigatou gozaimashita.
  4. Mama and Papa for the patience and ongoing supports. Gomen nasai, I always bothering you two everyday *bow*.
  5. Lil brat, Gerry, for teasing, fighting, and disturbing me twenty-four-seven, especially for the ice-creams ^_~.
  6. Sari-neechan, my first pal and lovely foster sister. I miss you like crazy!
  7. Watashi no kirei na tomodachi, Tami-chan and Vita-chan. Thanks for everything we've shared. Lecher Rulz!
  8. Kichigai Onna at SaiGO Club. GO! GO! GO, Girls!!!
  9. Everyone I forgot ^_^. Gomen, thank you for your support and charity. You know who you are..


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