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* Glossary

Welcome to Inuyasha's Class

Nihao!Yosh, Inuyasha is not only an entertaining anime but indeed 'educating'. You can learn many new things from it, such as Japanese myths, legends, and ghostly stories @_@. I have collected some those special words which often used in Inuyasha's world. Hope it'll add some of your vocabularies.

A common word to called 'weird-looking creatures'. For instance, tengu; a winged-creature which was believed to live in the mountain and the offspring of the God of Wind, Susano.

The sacred tree where Inuyasha was sealed by Kikyou. This tree was in Inuyasha's forest which only few people could see it. Meanwhile in modern age it was in the area of Higurashi Jinja, a shrine where Kagome lives.

A half-human and half-demon creature. Usually inside their bodies still flow the human blood. They could turn into a full-human form in a certain time. Inuyasha and Naraku are the examples.

Literally means 'Princess'. It's usually used to call the daughters of nobles or rich merchants. They always appeared in a very elaborate kimono and heavy make up.

Literally means 'fire-rat', an unknown creature which then became the fabric for Inuyasha's kimono. This leathercraft is fireproof and able to protect the wearer from any normal weapon. Inuyasha was once let Kagome wore it when they fought with Sakasagami no Yura, and thank to it, Kagome was saved from becoming a barbecue ^_^.

Hone Kui no Ido
Or the "Bone-eater's Well". It's the sacred well where Kagome first time came to Inuyasha's world. Just like the Go-Shinboku, it lies in Inuyasha's forest and Higurashi Jinja. Finally it becomes the 'time machine'. Through that well Kagome and Inuyasha go back and forth to the past and present time.

Miko is priestess in Shinto. Kikyou was a miko, and so does Kaede. Miko usually have a supernatural power that enable them to capture or eliminate evil spirits.

Vengeful spirit which appears from overwhelmed negative feelings like fury, hatred or envy. A soul of someone, dead or alive, was believed to leave his body for a while if the owner keeps such an overwhelmed negative feeling and will attack the object of his/her hatred.

The rosary which was enchanted by Kaede-sama to hold up Inuyasha's madness. When Kagome was told to say the spell, she get flustered but when she saw Inuyasha's ears she remembered a dog and spontaneously shouted "OSUWARI" which have same meaning with "SIT" for a dog (Kagome is pretty clever, ne?). There was a time when Kagome wanted to go back to her time but Inuyasha prohibited him and tried to crush off the Hone Kui no Ido, Kagome furiously spelled "Osuwari" many many times and Inuyasha pathetically fell to the ground (what a poor...)

It's often described as creatures with scary face which were associated with the demons who torture sinners in hell (in Buddha's believe). Nevertheless, Oni also have good characteristic. In some traditional festivals in Japan, oni walks in the front row, expel the evil spirits.

Sengoku Jidai
It's the time when most of the stories took place, it's the time when Inuyasha and Co. (except Kagome) lived. Sengoku Jidai lilerally means "The Age of War" or most people refer to "Feudal Age". It began in the 15th century when Japan was such in chaos because of the civil wars and ended when Tokugawa Ieyasu finally reunified Japan. If you're interested to know more, I have the details in my first project i.e. Heart of Sword; The Bakufu Project.

Shikon no Tama, Shikon no Kakera
shikon no tamaThe first means " The Jewel of Four Souls" and the second means " The Shards of Four Souls". In Shinto, there are four elements of soul viz. nigi-mitama (family or friendship), ara-mitama (courage), kushi-mitama (wisdom), and saki-mitama (love). Those elements lived together in one soul and called Shikon. Someone's life need an harmony between those 4 elements, which enable him/her to do good or evil deeds equally.

The word which comes out most in Inuyasha's world. Youkai means a kind of demon or monster. They are vicious and usually not friendly or humane. Inuyasha's father was a dai-youkai or "great demon", who ruled over 300 years. Sesshoumaru, Shippou, Kouga are also youkai. Inuyasha who is a hanyou can turn into a full-youkai too. Yeah, Youkai Rules! ^_^

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