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* Inu-chan

Konnichiwa, minna-san! Douzo Yoroshiku ^_~

Some of you might have already known me from my former project, "Heart of Sword :
The Bakufu Project
" but for those who haven't, then... Please let me introduce myself.

Name: Inuko Makoto
Nickname : Inuko-chan
B'day : September 16, 1982
Height : 5" 2'
Weight : 92 lbs
Pets : Dexter and Missy (dogs)
Current study : University; Psychology

Ima wa, I'm still living with my parents, and my lil bro named Gerry: a very nasty and chubby brat. My onii-chan, Pipim, lived in the other city but he often come back home and bring me many nice stuffs. I didn't have any sister because I'm the one and only girl in my family. But I have a foster sister who lived far far away from my hometown, her name is CT and I really miss her.

A little about my personality, considered to a unique quiz I filled in the internet, was as this followed :

Resembled to INUYASHA's Characters:
1st Best Match : Inuyasha
We both were strong-headed, impatient, swear a lot, individualist, carefree, fearless, irritating, love to brawl and have dog's ears @_@

2nd Best Match : Kagome
Me and Kagome were less the same indeed, maybe because we both were female, honest, idealist, and stubborn.

3rd Best Match : Shippou
Ahhh, Shippou wa kawaiiiiiii! I'll tell you something, I'm somehow more a look like the combination of Inuyasha and Shippou. Shippou is nasty, cute, funny, energetic, and the most thing in common of us is... we both really like teasing people ^o^. However, if I was granted to become a youkai, I want to be a youkai kitsune like Shippou since he can transform in many different things and having a very cute fox tail.

So... can you figure me out now? Well, if you need more clues about me, just sent your thoughts via e-mail to I'll be pleased to reply it, REALLY!!!. Yosh, I guess that's all my first introduction. I hope you can enjoy this fansite as I do. Ja, mata!

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