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Inuyasha no Manga

inukagoThe original version of Inuyasha was indeed the manga, which is firstly being serialized in Shounen Sunday Comics in November 13, 1996. Then it was issued as tankuobon by Shogakukan in year 1997 and still continues 'til the year of 2002. GREAT NEWS! ^_^ Inuyasha won the 47th Shogakukan Manga Award! (in Shonen Sunday). Omedetou!!!

The author is none other than Takahashi Rumiko, an outstanding mangaka who also made the hilarious Ranma 1/2 (and my former love, Ryoga-kun ^ ^) in 1984, or Maison Ikkoku and elderly Urusei Yatsura in 1976. I recognized that Inuyasha is much resembled to Ranma, they both were ignorant, gutsy, irritating, but... Kawaiiii ^_~. Anyway, Takahashi-sensei was born in Niigata on October 10, 1957. One of my reliable source said that Takahashi-sensei is the mangaka with highest payment, every year she gets over ¥ 616 million! ^o^. Yeah, Long Live Takahashi-sensei!!!

Until now, Takahashi-sensei is still drawing with hands, meaning not being helped with computer like most nowadays mangaka. Maybe that's why her drawing looks more natural. Nevertheless, the way she draws was never really changed after 2 decades working in the manga world. This brilliant woman have 4 female assistants to help her and she draws with Zebra type G pen. Every month she works for about 80 pages or so, depends on the demand. The way she finishes her artwork is quite unique too: after make the sketch with pencil, she will paste the ink every time she's done with one page. Meanwile most mangaka will ink it when they're done with one full issue. She never think exactly how Inuyasha will be ended, she likes to work it on the spot since she thinks it's much more exciting.

Fly Inuyasha!The English version in US of Inuyasha was issued by Viz Communication (the same one that issued Ranma 1/2) which is also planning to make the English-dubbed version of the anime. Until last year, December 2001, there were 24 Inuyasha tankuobon already been released in Japan. However, the stories in manga and anime were slightly different, but it was something common indeed. If you watch pretty carefully, you'll find out that Inuyasha in the manga and the anime is a bit 'different'. I mean, despite the story, the way Inuyasha looks is different. In the manga, Takahashi-sensei drew him more 'childish', natural, simpler and ferocious, meanwhile in the anime Inuyasha looks much mature, cuter and colorful of course @_@.

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