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Honda Tohru is an ordinary 10th grade, 16 years-old girl. she temporarily lived in a tent because she has no place to live since her mother passed away and her grandpa's house being renovated. one day on the way to her school she saw a house and there she met with a generous good-looking guy named Souma Shigure ^^. moreover, in that house lived also Souma Yuki who's none other than her own classmate. to earn for her own living she works part-time job and got home late night, on her way home she met again with Shigure and Yuki who were, later on, knew that she lives in a tent. Tohru tried her best to ask for the permission to live temporarily on the land of Souma where she erects her tent. suddenly, before Shigure and Yuki replied her, happened a slide which ruins Tohru's tent and all her belongings included her mom's portrait.
Tohru got panic and quickly dig the ruins to find the portrait but she fell faint because of high fever. when she woke up she found herself in one of the rooms in Shigure's house, she was urged to find her mom's portrait but she's to weak even to move her body. when laying on futon, Tohru told the story of her irony and Shigure felt pity to her.
on the next morning she woke up to find her mom's portrait already laid next to her futon. Tohru was about to leave the house to find a new residence when Shigure, with his smart flattery words ^^, convinced her to live in his house. from that time forward, Tohru lived at Shigure's house and begin her new life.
the next day came a strange kid with orange hair named Souma Kyo, who challenged Yuki for a duel. Tohru who dislikes to see people fight, impulsively grabbed Kyo in order to stop him but suddenly Kyo turns into a cat. not yet Tohru clear up her mind with these phenomena, next Shigure turned into a dog and Yuki turned into a rat. Tohru got panic, furthermore when those animals talking, she thought that she had done something terrible. however, the Dog "Shigure" explained that everything will be okay and they soon will return to their normal form but... NAKED >_< there begin the hilarious and heart-moving story, how bad Tohru made changes in the house of Souma? who will be the last man standing next to her? the anime might not carries the answers, so don't miss the manga because there are more to come!