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Furuba's Fresh Fruits Shop



irrashai, welcome to inumako's Fruits Shop! this shop sales fresh fruits and veggies only (perfect place for a vegan like me ^^). here you will be helped by my attendants i.e. ichigo-chan, banana-kun, suika-kun, nasu-chan, and momo-chan. please call one of them if you need any help w( _ _ )w

actually i'm not a fan of shoujo anime/manga but sometimes i find a shoujo anime which is worthy to be listed on my anime schedule, for instance Fruits Basket (Furuba). first time i knew it from an anime/manga magazine in my hometown about 2 years ago and i didn't attract to watch it. but... when one of tv stations in my hometown airs it, i was noticed by my gal to watch it. to be honest, i never thought that Furuba was so attractive! it's so hilarious and has many adorable characters esp. Shigure-san! gosh, i love him so much >_< Above all, I personally would like to dedicate this page to my comrades, Mi-chan and Dhani-kun, who are also in love with Souma 'The Dog' Shigure ^_^ Wau wau!!!

Souma Shigure

for those who love Furuba or just want to know about what is inside the 'Fruits Basket', i will make a short introduction here. firstly Furuba is serialize in Hana to Yume magazine by Hakusensha. as another shoujo manga in Hana to Yume, it contents of shounen-ai (my fave!) but for those who dislike shounen-ai don't have to be worry because Furuba is a straight shoujo manga. Furuba manga is created by Takaya Natsuki-sensei and still running in Japan. the anime, however, ended in the 26th episode and it doesn't seem to be continued so far (what a pity...) the anime opening theme entitled For Fruits Basket and its ending theme, Chiisana Inori, both sung by Okazaki Ritsuko who was the seiyuu of Honda Tooru as well. and for now, i'm dying to wait for Furuba manga to be published in my country Y_Y onegai ne...