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"I do plead no guilty. I am wholly innocent of such wickedness"
[Mary Bradbury, September 9, 1692]

and here comes the cosplay guides for those who want to dress up like Sena Robin. since i'm a big fan of Robin, i had tried the cosplay in X' maz 2003 and 2004, recently in my aunt's wedding (March 13, 2005). indeed it is the best cosplay i ever had (since my sailor suit when i was 12 ^_^). everyone said it looks good on me, definitely perfect for gothic lover like me. so if you have the same style with Robin, don't be hesitate to try this beautiful dress.

so... that's my cosplay guides, unfortunately i couldn't attach my picture in Sena Robin cosplay since i had vowed not to display my true appearance here ^ ^. yosh, have a nice cosplay!