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sena robin

"I'm no witch. I am innocent. I know nothing of it"
[Bridget Bishop, June 10, 1692]

what's the most sensational anime on the year 2002? the answer, must be, is Witch Hunter Robin. for those who had watched the anime on tv or fansubbed must've known the reason why. however, i had fallen for this anime far before i eventually watched the anime. how come? well, since i really love dark, twisted, gothic anime, and WH Robin is certainly the one. the best point of this anime was probably its beautiful gloomy atmosphere, you can feel it from the dark color used in almost every scene.

WH Robin was aired on TV-Tokyo starting July 2, 2002. with total number of episodes is 26, anime studio SUNRISE had, again, successfully presented a stunning anime. the key of success laid on its talented character designer, Takahashi Kumiko (Card Captor Sakura) and my fave composer, Taku Iwasaki (Rurouni Kenshin OVA, Get Backers) not to mention, the director, Murase Shuukou and original script writer, Yoshinaga Aya. consider to the great names i had mentioned earlier, you should ease your doubt to watch this anime.

maybe my words are not enough to convince you, then you've got to see to believe it ^ ^. in my own personal opinion, this anime beats HELLSING to the ground. of course for those who love action, WH Robin couldn't satisfy that desire. more so, the plot may appears to be a bit slow, because the first half episodes were to introduce WH Robin characters, then the last half will lead you to the climax. guess that's enough for the prologue, and i'll end it with one simple question...

"Do you believe in witchcraft?"