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"If it was the last moment I was to live, God knows I am innocent"
[Elizabeth Howe, July 19, 1692]

Name : Sena Robin
Age : 15
Origin : Italy
Robin is a girl who has such a special skill called Craft, which enabled her to manipulate fire. She came from Solomon HQ in Italy and assigned to Japanese branch, STN-J. She was assigned as a substitute partner for Amon, yet Amon seems to disrespect her. This girl always wear black clothes which make her looks mysterious. Robin is brought by Father Juliano in a church orphanage as a nun. In the end she'll find out that she is a so-called Devil's Child, a 'product' of top secret witch project. His late father, Toudou, had a research to transform human gen into witch. Then he laid the 'seed' into her wife, Maria, thus born Robin. Surprisingly, Maria is in fact Father Juliano's daughter.
Seiyuu : Watanabe Akeno (Tayuya in Naruto)
Name : Amon
Origin : Japan
A typical cold and rigid man, Amon really has the charm ^ ^. He is the strongest witch hunter in STN-J. Before Robin is sent as his partner, he has a partner named Kate. However, due to a complicated case among them, Amon has to kill her. At first Amon feels iritated with Robin's present esp. her amateur skill, yet as time goes by, they get along pretty well (too well indeed ^ ^). Amon has an ill memories about his parents, his mom was a witch which inherited the blood witch in his body. As a Seed he have a special witch skill, yet it's never been revealed. His one and only sibling is a man named Nagira Shunji. However, they have two significant different personalities. Although they don't seem to be much intimate, Amon trusted his big brother.
Seiyuu : Takewaka Takuma
Name : Karasuma Miho
Origin : Japan
She is the oldest witch hunter in STN-J, although she would deny it somehow. This well-mannered lady has a unique skill called psychometric. It's a skill to view the past by touching objects which have left strong sensations related to the owner. She often uses her skill during missions. with her calm and thoughtful attitude she made a perfect partner for the ignited Haruhito. Miho looks much caring about Robin that she was the first one who knows Robin's feeling when Amon ignored her. Though she's not as strong as Robin or Amon, she was a reliable witch hunter when Robin and Amon were not around. Miho appeared more as a big sister and co-leader in STN-J.
Seiyuu : Kouda Kan (Kanoe in X TV Series)
Name : Sakaki Haruhito
Origin : Japan
Before Robin is assigned in, Haruhito was the youngest witch hunter in STN-J, yet he was matched with Miho. He goes anywhere with his beloved motorcycle (i love motorcycle too ^,^). Haruhito is very temperamental, impulsive, and rash one. If he was not hold up by his mates he would have done many reckless acts. When Raven's Flat was being ambushed he got badly hurt and has to stay in the office for a month. During his furlough he spent his time accompaning Michael, thus they became more intimate than ever. Haruhito admired Amon to the bones as the best witch hunter. Amon often asks him to escort him before Robin came. Though he always looks careless, when Robin and Amon disappeared he also worries about them.
Seiyuu : Fukuyama Jun (Tweedledum in Kiddy Grade)
Name : Doujima Yurika
Origin : Japan
Our real airhead blond, she is indeed the most irresponsible member in STN-J. She is a daughter of rich family and worked in STN-J just to kill time (or maybe she has no talent at all). Thus she always comes late and goes home before the other. She did nothing particular in office but to read fashion magz and do her nails. She also has less respect to other members, even the STN-J leader who never gets bored to preach her. Yurika always looks stylish and glamour. Yurika is the only witch hunter who don't have any special skills. Yet don't underestimate this babe since she has a scary true personality. She also looked down on Robin who she sees as an immature girl who lived in her own world. And just like the others, she get along well with Robin as time goes by.
Seiyuu : Hikami Kyouko (CBD Sara in Hand Maid May)
Name : Michael
Origin : ?
The pro-hacker of STN-J, a mysterious and talk-a-little guy. He always seen with colored eyeglasses, earphone, and junk food on his hands. Actually Michael wasn't legally hired by Solomon, he was caught in the act when he hacked through STN-J network. Knowing his life is in danger, he asked for mercy and they granted it. With conditions, Michael must works in Raven's Flat and may not leave that place. As he confessed to Robin, he feels as if he lives in a golden bird cage. He seems to be restless and always seen sitting down in front of his computer. Though first time he also ignored Robin but later on he even determined to leave his golden bird cage and help Robin.
Seiyuu : Yuuki Hiro (Alfred in Slayers Next)
Name : Masaki Touko
Origin : Japan
Although she's not a member of STN-J but she's closely related due to her special relationship with Amon. She lets Robin to stay in her mansion yet she feels a lil uncomfortable with Robin's craft. A woman who is much to look at and elegant is actually the daughter of Zaizen, the director of STN-J and Factory. Everything was fine until her mansion is being ambushed by a group of men who hunts Robin. In that incident she got terribly hurt and has to stay in hospital for a long period of time. When she regained her consciousness, she keeps asking about Amon but Zaizen told her to forget about him. Amon also seems to sorry for the incident that happened to her.
Seiyuu : Nakajima Mami (Matsuri in Ninja Mono)
Name : Nagira Shunji
Origin : Japan
Amon's big brother and a lawyer (though most people would doubt it ^ ^). They both don't seem to have anything in common, their looks, their way of life and their point of view. Nagira is not a witch but he really cares about witches because he thinks that people had abused and mistreated them. Although he looks unreliable but Amon entrusted Robin to him in her runaway. He has his own office and lets Robin stay there. Robin also do some favors for him in return. Instead of working in his office, he'd prefer to hang up and play pachinko. The best thing about this guy is that he has a remarkable information network, so he gave a huge contribution in revealing Robin's secret.