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Ikari ShinjiWhat does EVANGELION offer you? an unordinary mecha anime? adorable characters? heart-moving story? or just another weekly anime? It's all up to you. As we see life in many different point of views, you can percept EVANGELION in many different ways. I'm indeed not a big fan of mecha, even Gundam was not listed on my projects. But EVANGELION does have something more than just an ordinary mecha anime/manga. I have to notice that here, I'm more concern to the story and characters than the mecha design.

When I watch EVANGELION I can't help myself to stop seeking for more and more about it. Even inumako who was antipathetic to mecha finally became EVANGELION hardcore fan, worse than me! She said that this anime makes people open their eyes and mind about life, love and pain. Definitely it's inspirational, that's what I say. This anime reminds me to the people I love and hate as well. That's why this time, for the very first time, I will dedicate this project to these following people:

  1. mom, dad and my brothers. luv you all though i could never show it up.
  2. my 'twin sister', partner, mentor, and my worst enemy ^^", inumako. go get it girl! and keep your head up. HAPPY B' DAY!!!
  3. my friends and foes, where ever you are. thanx for the friendship and hatred *grin*
  4. the boy in the book store. wish to see you smile again 6_6
  5. last but not least, the one i worship and adore, Jesus Christ. Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam