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Uzumaki Ninja Academy
Uzumaki Ninja Academy
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>> Koko ni iru ze!

as it is impolite, in Japanese culture, not to introduce yourself for the first time, we're gonna share you a lil about ourselves. yonde kudasai ne..

Uchiha Inumako
name : Uchiha inumako (inuko makoto)
contact :
position : admin and project reviewer
likes : cosplay, animals, anime, spicy foods
dislikes : summer days, crowd, traffic jam

as a strict vegan, i'm seriously against any kind of animal exploitations. and you can be sure that there were no animals being harmed in the making of these projects. by the way, my chara image in Naruto is Itachi because he is my first cosplay and i'm really obsessed with him ^ ^"

name : aniki (big bro)
contact :
position : anime/manga provider and contributor
likes : free foods, travelling, movies
dislikes : no treats Y_Y
aniki is inumako's big brother (bet so!). he really likes NARUTO and Gundam SEED. indeed he is the one who provides Naruto manga and anime for inumako so far. he works as computer programmer and web master, yet he spends his weekend watching anime and reading manga (Q.E.D. and NARUTO)


name : Dexter (no.2) and lil Missy
position : inumako's ninken ^,^
likes : inumako, cold tea, chicken
dislikes : thunder and lightning (keramophobia)


yea, meet our beloved pets. i owned Dexter since August 2000 and he has become my best mate since after. Missy is no longer with us but i always remember her as my sweetest dog Y_Y. we also have a new ninken named Ucchi, a real nasty one (reminds me to Naruto ^o^)