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ITACHI no Hibi
Demonstrated by inumako
Photographs and Choreography by aniki

yo, welcome to my life! ^o^ as you can see it's the diorama of inumako's "ironic" daily life as the 11th member of Akatsuki. aniki shot them at our home sweet home, started from the time when i woke up til i went to bed.

08.00 - 09.00 a.m.
morningActivity : Wake up and breaksfast
all of my family members wake up early in the morning but me. and the first thing i do after i woke up is not washing my face but having my breakfast *grin*. because my mom is working she rarely cooks breakfast thus usually i eat instant noodles (poor me T_T). though i didn't live in Japan but i always eat with chopsticks, simply because i love it. and as a vegan i only eat veggies and fruits for my meals.

09.00 - 10.00 a.m.

laundry Activity : Laundry time
even though the washing machine has done her job very well but i still have to dry the laundry under the sun for a day. we have this long veranda where we can hang up the landry. however, when the rainy season comes i have to be alert because at anytime the rain will fall and i have to run upstairs and rescue the laundry in less than 3 minutes. also, every week i have to sunbathe my bed. gosh, it's a quite heavy job >,<.

10.00 - 11.00 a.m.

relaxActivity : Relax
the laundry job is always tire me so i usually take a break by sitting on the wooden chair. if i were sleepy i will lay on it and watching the moving clouds like Shikamaru does ^^. or if i still have chakra i will bath my dogs. indeed i really like my veranda because it's really shady (until 11.00 a.m.) thus it's really nice to drink coffee and read newspaper there (did it sound like old people's morning habit?).

what the?!Activity : #%@&!
probably it's the activity i hate most yet unavoidable. i guess everyone who has dogs understands what i mean. i have 2 dogs and they both failed in their toilet training. however, i was chosen as the caretaker of them thus i have to responsible for any of their 'actions'. yet because i'm a vegan i always able to forgive them Y_Y

11.00 a.m. - 03.00 p.m.
lunchActivity : Work and Lunch
since i'm working at home i can work anytime i want to. yet if i were boring i will go out with my friends to malls or just hanging at my friends' home. also, every week i go to the bookstore to buy comics and anime magazines. i have my lunch around 01.00 - 2.00 p.m. if there's nothing to eat i will go out and eat fast food.

03.00 - 05.00 p.m.
napActivity : Nap
my most fave activity ^,~. i had trouble sleeping at night yet it's really easy for me to take a nap. that's why when i had any chances to take a nap i will take a nap (maybe it's because it has been a tradition in my family to take a nap) more so, people said taking a nap will prolong your life ^,^

05.00 - 06 p.m.
sweepActivity : House cleaning
as the only daughter in the family it's my fate to help my mom in about house cleaning. instead of cleaning the house in the morning like most 'normal' people, i do it in the evening. in summer days i also have to water the plants in our front yard. even though i clean the house everyday but i clean my own room once a week ^ ^". usually my mom will let the dogs out at these hours so they can chase the bastard kids *grin*

06.00 - 08.00 p.m.
cookActivity : Cooking and dinner
after the house is clean i will help my mom cooking for dinner. it's not that i'm good at cooking, in fact i'm the worst (even my lil brother cooks better than me, what a shame). it's a lil odd for nowadays' people but we do have dinner together. my fave cook is an Indian thick folded crepe filled with spices and pieces of meat (but i don't eat the meat of course) and fried rice. basically i just like anything spicy and green veggies.

08.00 - 09.00 p.m.

bathActivity : Take a bath
after i'm fed up i will go upstairs to take a bath. well, i'm well known in my family as the one who spends the longest time in the bathroom. to be honest i didn't know why it takes so long?. i always be the one who takes a bath the last after everyone. it's because i have to do laundry, not only my own clothes, but everyone in the family (don't you think it's slavery?) if aniki were home i even have to do laundry twice!

09.00 - 10.00 p.m.
comicsActivity : Spare time
i have many activities in my spare time. if i were at home i usually read comics, magazines or watching tv. my fave tv stations are ANIMAX, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network. my fave comics are NARUTO and weekly Shounen JUMP (BLEACH, Death Note, D.Gray-Man, Black Cat and Gintama). maybe because i always stuck with anime and manga i rarely know what's going on in the real world ^^".

10.00 p.m. - 02.00 a.m.
workActivity : Working
i work again when my family were on bed, it's perfect because i need the silence. as a designer, ideas are everything, thus if there were no ideas at all i will shut down the computer and watch tv. usually i update the web around these hours too. since i had just got hepatitis i have to take a lot of rest thus i should not stay up late. however, since i had terrible insomnia i never fell asleep before midnight.

02.00 - 08.00 a.m.
sleepActivity : Go to bed z z z z z z z
and when i'm tired of trying to sleep i will eventually fell asleep. as you can see my bed is on the floor. next to my bed is a window, my mom always opens that window at 07.00 to wake me up. yet i will sleep again and wake up when everyone's gone. "Ohayou..." (yawn)

NOTE: this is my life before i worked in the capital, because now my life has changed a lot.


ITACHI no Hibi