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Suna Gakure Shinobi
gaaraSabaku no Gaara
Age : 15 (Jan 19, deceased)

Rank : Kazekage
an inborn demon, and my lil bro's fave chara ^ ^. though he's the youngest among his siblings, he's undoubtedly the strongest and most fearsome. being born as a reject and grew up as a loner, Gaara never feels being loved and loves no one but himself. his absolute self-love shown by the mark of character "ai" (love) on his forehead. when he was a baby his father (Kazekage) sealed a one-tailed demon, Shukaku, into his body. this demon uses Gaara as a live container, thus he becomes overprotective to Gaara. the gourd he carries on his back contains of sands, his vital weapon. after a furious battle with Naruto he came to realize how people around him actually love him, thus he wants to be someone people can rely on. so he made a radical decision by promoting himself as Kazekage to protect the Sunagakure people. yet, misfortune has fallen as an Akatsuki ambushed Sunagakure and abducted him. what is Akatsuki's real objective by abducting him?

Age : 18

Rank :Jounin
the elder step sister of Suna brothers. she uses a human-sized paper fan as her weapon. she also masters kuchiyose no jutsu to summon a ferret with sickle and makes a deadly whirlwind dance called Kirikirimai. with that such a high shinobi skill, she's obviously the strongest kunoichi (ninja girl). when Shikamaru was in deep trouble fighting Tayuya she came to rescue him. me and aniki agreed that something seems to be going on between Temari and Shikamaru ^ ^, um i think they make a lovely couple *blush*

Age : 17

Rank : Jounin
Kankuro is Gaara's step big bro and a buranku master. he uses 3 marionettes i.e. Karasu (raven), Kuroari (black ant), Sanshou'uo (salamander). he moves them with invisible wires of chakra thus he can move them from distance. Kankuro came to save Kiba in a vicious battle with Sakon. when Akatsuki took his step bro away, he fought in the first row to stop them. yet he was badly poisoned by Sasori. thank god, Sakura could heal him.

Konoha Gakure Chuunin
rock leeRock Lee
Age : 16 (Nov 27)

our drunken master ^o^. Rock Lee is as appealing as his sensei, Gai, since he adores Gai more than anyone else. he and Naruto once became a rival since they fell in love with a same girl, Sakura. unfortunately, Sakura doesn't seem to love anyone of them, hence they share the same feeling ^ ^. Gaara once put him in a deep crisis but Gaara helped him in his return when Lee fought Kimimaro. now Rock Lee is no longer being underestimated by his team mate, Neji, yet they even get along quite well.

choujiAkimichi Chouji
Age : 15

to be honest i never really pay attention to this kid before, but as i read the moving chapter of his life-threatening battle with Jiroubou, i found out that actually he's a very kind-hearted and loving person Y_Y. Chouji is Shikamaru's best friend, it's amazing to see how they can get along. just like another Akimichi clan members, Chouji inherited the skill to multi size his body, Baika. but to do this jutsu he needs a lot of calories, that's why he snacks all the time.

hinataHyuuga Hinata
Age : 15 (Dec 27)

probably one and only girl who can sees Naruto's true self (same as me ^^). this shy and awkward kunoichi loves Naruto for his flamed-spirit and ignorant will-to-surpass anyone. though Naruto seems unable to notice it, he fought Neji for her sake. Hinata is the first child of Hyuuga main family but she has less skill than her lil sister, Hanabi. however, Naruto encouraged her not to give up easily against destiny.

kibaInuzuka Kiba
Age : 15

yeah, my inu (dog) comrade has come! Kiba is a member of the Inuzuka family clan who's famed for using dogs as assist. Kiba has a nindog named Akamaru. both can transform into a huge two-headed wolf beast, Soutourou.

inoYamanaka Ino
Age : 15

Sakura's no.1 rival, both in skill and love. just like another Sasuke fans, Ino loves seeking for Sasuke's attention. the Yamanaka clan has a hiden which enables them to infiltrate someone's mind and taken control the body.

shinoAburame Shino
Age : 15

the most mysterious genin, rarely talks and always wears sunglasses. as a son of Aburame clan he also uses bugs as his weapon, a hiden called Kikaichuu. he lets the bugs live inside his body and feeds them with his chakra.

tentenTen Ten
Age : 16

Ten Ten is probably the least talked-about character in Naruto. she is often seen practicing with Neji. she is the best in weaponry. on the Part 2, Ten Ten comes up with her comrades to back up Kakashi's team.

Konoha Gakure Jounin
gaiMaito Gai
Age : 29

an eccentric man who always brags as Kakashi's worst rival. with a tight gym suit, kappa hairdo, and thick eyebrows, he's the no.1 most 'appealing' jounin ^^. Gai indeed only masters taijutsu. his team consists of Rock Lee, Neji, and Ten Ten. yet he seems to pay more attention to Rock Lee, maybe due to their similarities.

asumaSarutobi Asuma
Age : 30

the tutor of team 10: Shikamaru, Chouji and Ino. a jounin who always seen with a cigar. he and Kurenai were the ones who came in the first place to halt Itachi-gumi from kidnapping Naruto.

kurenaiYuuhi Kurenai
Age : 30
the tutor of Team 8: Hinata, Kiba and Shino. Kurenai is known to be best in genjutsu. as a kunoichi she doesn't want to fail before her male comrades. she proved it by leading her team through the chuunin exam.

ankoMitarashi Anko
Age : ? (perhaps 30s)
the former disciple of Orochimaru. she has the same curse seal as Sasuke, undoubtedly cast by Orochimaru himself. however, unlike Sasuke, Anko-san seems not willing to follow his evil tutor.


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