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there are many jutsu in Naruto, unfortunately we couldn't describe them all here. yet we will begin with the 3 shinobi basic skills i.e. taijutsu, genjutsu, and ninjutsu. Taijutsu is a bare hand combat (sometimes also uses weapons such as shuriken, kunai, or kodachi). Genjutsu is a skill to create an illusion to deceive opponents. Ninjutsu is the highest level when a shinobi has to mold their chakra and seals. further details of ninjutsu can be read below.

gamabuntaKuchiyose no Jutsu
my most fave jutsu (since i love animals ^^). this space temporal jutsu enables a shinobi to summon animals (or else) as their assist. beforehand you have to sign up a blood contract and shed a small amount of blood when you desire to summon them. name some shinobi who mastered it, Kakashi and Pakkun cs (dogs); Jiraiya, Naruto and Yondaime with Gamabunta cs (toads); Orochimaru and Manda (serpent); Tsunade and Katsuyu (slug); Sandaime and Enma (monkey), and many more.

kagebushinKagebushin no Jutsu
an ultimate shadow clone. unlike ordinary clone jutsu, every shadow clone has their own will and independent moves. Naruto was the worst in clone jutsu but he learned this Jounin level jutsu only in one night. since then Naruto uses this jutsu most of the time.

the no. 1 most fave jutsu based on the polling in Shonen Jump mag. this small typhoon can trigger a tremendous storm of chakra. the inventor is Jiraiya and he passed it to Yondaime and Naruto. it seems it has become Naruto's fave jutsu after Kagebushin no Jutsu.

two different names for one same jutsu. Raikiri (lighting edge) is an original jutsu invented by Kakashi, meanwhile Chidori (thousand birds) is the same jutsu learned by Sasuke. this jutsu is similar with Rasengan, huge amount of chakra mold on one's palm thus it can destroy in touch with.

literally means "transform", Oiroke no Jutsu (sexy no jutsu) originally invented by Naruto is an instance. we agreed that Oiroke and Harem no Jutsu are the 'deadliest" jutsu ever created! undoubtedly this sexy jutsu works most of the time against adult men, but not for kunoichi ^ ^"

or (hand) seal, there are 12 hand seals (same as animals zodiac) which shinobi uses to generate a jutsu. the number of seal uses in a jutsu is vary, higher jutsu needs more seals. for instance, Kuchiyose no jutsu uses 5 hand seals i.e. boar, dog, bird, monkey, and sheep.

juuinJuuin Jutsu
a kind of curse seal. Orochimaru casts this jutsu by neck-biting to bond a shinobi under his control (like what he did to Sasuke and Anko). the Hyuuga main family also casts a curse seal upon their branch family members to limit their moves thus they won't be able to betray the main family.

fuuinFuuin Jutsu
the true 'seal' jutsu because its purpose is to seal something or someone's chakra.
the late Yondaime sealed Kyuubi into Naruto's body by trading his life to a demon with Shiki Fuujin. Fuuin no jutsu also can be used to seal Juuin as what Kakashi had done to Orochimaru's curse seal on Sasuke.

Kekkei Genkai
is a limit blood inheritance, these physical abnormalities are inherited by blood ties.

sharingan is a doujutsu (eye jutsu), and these special eyes were inherited exclusively by the Uchiha clan. sharingan enables the owner to copy opponent's jutsu. yet there's a higher type of sharingan i.e. mangekyou. it can only be awakened under one condition, killing their own best friend.

literally means 'white eyes' (since the iris is white). though not as cool as sharingan, these eyes also have special purpose i.e. a vast distance and penetrating view (almost 360°). every Hyuuga clan member inherits these 'lovely' eyes, for instance Neji and Hinata.

kaguyaKaguya's Bones Morphing
there's an extinct clan called Kaguya with their unique morphic bone structures. they were able to transform their bones and compress it to max density which would be equal with steel. too bad the last man from this clan got ill and died on Gaara's hand.

a sort of secret jutsu mastered exclusively by certain clans and their members.

kagemaneKagemane no Jutsu
invented and taught in Nara clan. a close-range type jutsu which enables the master to use their shadow to control the opponent's body. it takes more intelligence than strength to use this jutsu effectively. and Shikamaru, with IQ of 200, is certainly a perfect user of Kagemane.

baikaBaika no Jutsu
belongs to the 'chubby' clan, Akimichi. it's a multi size jutsu, the master can enlarge their body parts or whole into a giant size. of course it takes a lot of energy to do this heavy jutsu, that's why the Akimichi clans are all fatasses since they have to store more calories than normal people do.

shintenshinShintenshin no Jutsu
the Yamanaka clan's hiden. similar with Kagemane, yet this jutsu forces its master to transfer their soul into opponent's body and take control. however, when it missed, the soul will wander around idle for a moment before it finally returns. it buys some time thus can endanger its master soulless body.


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