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Genin = Low Class Ninja
narutoUzumaki Naruto
Age : 15 (Oct 10
there are no better ways to begin with but this original prankster who loves ramen, ramen, and ramen ^,^ first time i thought that Naruto is strong because of the Kyuubi which is sealed within his body. yet, soon i realized that Naruto is in fact a real smartass (mind his loudness and uncalmed spirit). also he had encouraged and changed many stranded people's mind more than he ever expected. after his parents' death, Naruto continue to live on all by himself. that's why he seems to understand Sasuke and Gaara who were lonesome as well. being labeled as a loser didn't bring him down, on the contrary, it forced him to make everyone acknowledges him. Naruto's significant other is Iruka-sensei, who acts more as his father. above all, beneath his pranks and troublesome behaviors, Naruto is a true humane, loyal, and loving boy. NARUTO, I love you to the bones! >,<

Chuunin = Mid Class Ninja
sakuraHaruno Sakura
Age : 15 (Mar 28)
the girl whom Naruto loves, yet she loves Sasuke instead. there's nothing really significant about this kunoichi, she's smart and best in genjutsu. however, she is not very bold in battlefield but when it comes to a furious fight for her comrades, she wouldn't mind even to risk her life. as a Sasuke fan, she competes all the time with Ino. at first she hated Naruto with all his pranks, but then she found out that Naruto always able to see deep into her and everybody's heart Y_Y realizing she hadn't do anything great for her comrades, she decided to learn from Tsunade how to be a great medic ninja.

irukaUmino Iruka
Age : 27 (May 26)

the fun loving tutor of Konoha ninja academy. he is an orphan just like Naruto, his parents died when Kyuubi ambushed Konoha. yet the painful fact didn't make him hates Naruto, instead he pays the greatest attention to Naruto. Iruka-sensei is the first person who ever acknowledged Naruto, thus Naruto loves him the most. in his spare time, he often treats Naruto ramen at Ichiraku Ramen.

Jounin = Elite Ninja
kakashiHatake Kakashi
Age : 29 (Sep 15)

the most popular jounin in Konoha. he is known as a genius and a copycat. the implant sharingan in his left eye enables him to copy his opponent's jutsu. passed the chuunin exam when he was only 6, then joined with the ANBU. yet he have a terrible habit i.e. always comes late with irrasional reasons. not to mention, his hobby reading adult novels "Icha Icha Tactics". he's the one who invented a lethal jutsu, Chidori/Raikiri, which he later taught to Sasuke. Kakashi has ill memories of losing his beloved people. his father, Hatake "White Fang" Sakumo, committed suicide after being humiliated by his own comrades for trespassing the law. when Kakashi was a kid, he has 2 teammates i.e. Uchiha Obito and Rin. Kakashi's sharingan is indeed a memento from Obito who died on Kakashi's first jounin assignment.

shikamaruNara Shikamaru
Age : 15 (Sep 22)
Shikamaru is a true smartass shinobi. however, his habitual complains never seem to reduce. he was signed for his first mission to retrieve Sasuke. leading a team of 5 shinobi includes himself, Naruto, Neji, Kiba, and Chouji. though limited in skill, he has a sharp brainpower that no one can beats. he always sees a battle as if he was playing his fave game, Shougi. Shikamaru's weak point most likely is girls ^ ^ yet he seems to get along pretty well with Temari ^ ^a

nejiHyuuga Neji
Age : 16
Neji was indeed the best rookie before Sasuke came in. he is the most talented son of Hyuuga branch family where he inherited Byakugan. however, due to an elaborate misunderstanding of his father's death, he defied his role as Hyuuga main family guard and hated Hinata. again, Naruto eventually saved him from darkness. Neji paid for it by risking his own life to save his comrades in a furious battle with Kidoumaru. Neji returned with his new outfit and together with his comrades and tutor, he fights Kisame.

Sennin = Hermit, Sage
Title : Gama Senin (Toad Hermit)
Age : 53
the most appealing geezer ^o^
. as the way Naruto addressed him "ero sennin," this lecherous geezer is a total laughstock of most time. spends most of his time gathering datas for his sold out adult novel "Icha Icha Paradise" by peeping at girl's bathhouse. yet beneath his super perverted behavior, Jiraiya is a great legendary ninja. Naruto persuaded him with Oroike no Jutsu and eventually made him his private tutor. Jiraiya cares so much about Naruto (maybe Naruto reminds him to his own childhood ^ ^) he taught him a hazardous jutsu, Rasengan. along with Jiraiya, there are 2 others sennin i.e. Orochimaru (anaconda hermit) and Tsunade (slug hermit). they are also known as the legendary Sannin (3 ninja).

Hokage = Konoha Village Elder
shodaimeTitle : Shodaime (1st Hokage)

Age : ? (deceased)
the founder of Konohagakure and grandfather of Tsunade-hime. wellknown for his incredible skill in using wood element (moku). later, he was resurrected by Orochimaru.

nidaimeTitle : Nidaime (2nd Hokage)
Age : ? (deceased)
the lil brother of Shodaime and late Sandaime's tutor. yet nothing to say about him but his skill in using the water element (sui). he was also resurrected by Orochimaru.

Title : Sandaime (3rd Hokage and Professor)

Age : 68 (deceased)
maybe the most long-lived hokage. though he had once retired and handed over his position, he endured to live after the Yondaime's death. known as the strongest of all, he gained the title of "Professor." Sandaime traded his life to a demon in order to protect Konoha from his former bastardized student, Orochimaru. Sandaime died honorably and left a grandson named Konohamaru.

yondaime Title : Yondaime (4th Hokage and Konoha Yellow Flash)
Age : 20s (deceased)
what a cute indeed! >_< it's a pity he died at a young age. he was known as Konoha Yellow Flash for his amazing speed and body-flicking jutsu. indeed the same as Sandaime, he sacrificed his life to seal the Kyuubi (nine-tailed fox demon) within a newborn baby named Naruto. this is the reason why Naruto admires and respects him so much. Yondaime was the disciple of Jiraiya and the tutor of Kakashi cs.

Title : Godaime (5th Hokage and Slug Hermit)
Age :
one of the legendary Sannin, along with Jiraiya and Orochimaru. she may not appeared as old as she should be, yet she's the hottest of all (mind her real big bust). Tsunade-hime is the granddaugther of Shodaime and disciple of Sandaime. she have an extreme strength and masters excellent medical skill. the reason why Orochimaru looked for her was to heal his paralyzed arms. Orochimaru offered her something in return i.e. the lives of her late lil bro and boyfriend, Dan. thank god she didn't take the offer and chose to become the 5th Hokage. Tsunade have a brilliant assist named Shizune and a pig pet named Ton Ton.


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