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Icha Icha Jounin : inumako and Shi-kun
Konoha vestkonoha hidai ateyatta, we're back with sumthing even crazier (and nastier *grin*).
on Aug 5, 2005, inumako and her mate, Shi-kun, made their cosplay home video.
we called it the "Icha Icha Jounin" because it's all about 2 delinquent Konoha Jounin
who failed in their way of ninja ^o^ not to mention, a special performance
of the bastardized Deidara by inumako as well. yet due to limited bandwidth
we couldn't attach it here (besides, it should be rated as RESTRICTED ^,~).
however, we will not let you unnoticed, thus we had attached dozens of our homey still image.
indeed, on the same day we'd planned to join with a cosplay party in our hometown,
unfortunately we have to abort it because we got lost on the road of life (what a shame Y_Y)

Inumakoinumako & shi-kunShi-kun and inumakoshi-kun & inumakoshi-kun & inumakoshi-kun & inumako

inumako and shi-kuninumako and shi-kuninumako and shi-kuninumako and shi-kunShi-kuninumako

InumakoShi-kuninumako and shi-kunShi-kun and InumakoInumakoInumakoInumakoShi-kun

DeidaraShi-kun and DeidaraDeidara and Shi-kunShi-kun and DeidaraShi-kun and Deidarashi-kun and DeidaraDeidara

shi-kun and Deidarashi-kun and Deidarashi-kun and Deidarashi-kun and Deidarashi-kun and Deidarashi-kun and Deidara

Cosplay Part 2 >>



Cosplay Part 1
Uchiha Itachi (Akatsuki)
AKATSUKI front view
this is inumako's first official Naruto cosplay (June 12, 2005). at first i was not a big fan of Itachi but since i'm deadly crazy about Akatsuki (esp. their super cool cloak >,<) thus i simply decided to cosplay as Uchiha Itachi. it took a whole month to prepare the costume (cloak, amigasa, shocks, shoes, nail polish, etc).


AKATSUKI rear viewItachiItachi


Kisame & ItachiItachi & KisameItachiItachi


ITACHI no Hibi