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Dexter, the Ninkenaniki and inumakoTemari and inumakoinumako & TemariTemariTemariAkatsuki & inumako

Sasuke, Ten Ten, AnkoSasukeTen TenAnkoSasuke,  inumakoSakura, Sasuke, inumako, HakuSasuke, inumako, Haku

Neji, Hinatainumako, Kakashiinumako, Kabutoinumako, Ten Teninumako & Narutoinumako & Sasukeinumako & ANBU

Sasuke, inumako, Ten Ten, AnkoKabuto, Naruto, Neji, Gaara, inumakoNeji, Kakashi, Gaara, Naruto

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Cosplay Part 2
inumako and Naruto Cosplayers
as you can see these are inumako and the Naruto cosplayers i met in the cosplay events. i do not know them in person but i'd like to thank for their cooperations (esp. to my team mates, Kakashi and ANBU girls). Viva Cosplayers!

inumakoGaara >,<Hayateinumako & Naruto cs

inumako & ANBUKakashi & inumakoinumako & Zabuzainumako & Sasuke

Hayate, Itachi, Gaarainumako & NarutoAkatsuki, Gaara, Temari

Team 1Team 2Team 3


ITACHI no Hibi