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Yatta! my fave part has come. yup, this section we've enlisted all the small things which will add your knowledge about Naruto (hopefully...).

ramenRamen's naruto
was it a coincidence that Naruto loves ramen because ramen has a topping named Naruto as well? um... i dunno. for those who didn't know what 'naruto' topping is, check out a sliced white steamed fish-paste cake with a pink spiral (uzumaki) mark on the middle. btw, my fave ramen is miso ramen!

Icha Icha TacticsIcha Icha Trilogy
what's Kakashi fave book? everyone can tell it's the (slightly) nasty adult novel "Icha Icha Paradise." if you pay attention carefully to its cover you will find 2 different versions i.e. a boy ran after a girl and a girl ran after a boy. the 2 next titles are Icha Icha Violence and recent Icha Icha Tactics.

KakashiKakashi's weak point ^^"
what's Kakashi weak point? sumthing you might never thought before ^,~ i.e. Kakashi really hates spoilers! esp. spoiler of his recent fave novel "Icha Icha Tactics." Naruto and Sakura defeated Kakashi-sensei with this weak point in the Battle of The Bells. what a 'flawless' victory!

Lil Kakashi Kakashi Gaiden
is about Kakashi's childhood story when his tutor, Yondaime and his comrades, Uchiha Obito and Rin were still alive. differs
from his indolent adulthood, Kakashi was a very strict ninja when he's a kid. Kakashi's sharingan in his left eye was actually a gift from Obito before he met his death.

KyuubiBijuu, The Tailed Beasts
in the Part 2 it was said that the Akatsuki was after the so-called Tailed Beasts. surprisingly there are another besides Kyuubi and Shukaku, which total is 9. these beasts have an enormous amount of chakra which no men can control and they were named after the number of tails they have.

me and Shikamaru's most fave game. Shougi has certain features in common with chess, it has 6 kinds of officers in addition to the King and Pawns, but the officers have very lil freedom of movement. and in addition to the relative rigidity of the pieces there is a further obstruction to skill. >> learn more

buranku is a classic Japanese puppet play. however, differs from most puppet plays, buranku uses a humanoid marionette. due to its size and weight, usually it takes more than one puppet master to move it. yet, Kankuro is even able to move three puppets at once.

a name for the elite intel force. their distinctive features are the uniform, a tattoo on their left arm, and a mask (kamen) they always wear on duty. in Japan, you can find and buy these masks in Japanese festivals (esp. during summer). the figures are mostly animals such as dog, cat, fox, bird, etc.

jiraiyaJiraiya and the Toads
indeed it was not a coincidence why Jiraiya is close related with toads. Jiraiya is one of those Japanese legendary ninja. he was known as a great Toad Hermit and has a loyal toad pet named Gama-chan. also, Jiraiya has a rival-friend named Orochimaru.

orochimaruOrochimaru and the Serpents
why did Orochimaru resemble with serpent? well, his name itself means great serpent, taken from a giant serpent Yamata no Orochi. Susanoo no Mikoto slew this serpent and taken from its tail a sword called Murakumo no Tsurugi, which then renamed by Prince Yamato Take as Kusanagi no Tsurugi.

tsunadeTsunade and the Slugs
seems like Kishimoto-sensei has deliberately chosen the trio legendary ninja i.e. Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade to be in his story. Tsunade was probably the most famous kunoichi in Japanese legend. she was known also as slug hermit. in Naruto, she has a huge slug named Katsuyu.

shikamaruNara clan and the Deers
the Nara clan is known to raise up deers, well i found some hints about it. firstly 'shika' in Shikamaru means deer and Nara is the first Japanese capital during the Nara period (710 - 784 A.D.) which is known to worship deer as God's messenger. thus you'll be seeing many deers live freely in Nara park.

pakkunKakashi and the Ninken
dog has been known as men's best friend, as well as shinobi's. and Kakashi is known as a shinobi who uses dogs as his assists. he has total 8 dogs, from many different races. yet there's only one introduced its name i.e. Pakkun. this lazy-eyed bulldog is really good at sniffing tracks, yet lame in battle.

ENMA ENMA, the Monkey King
originally taken from a Chinese legend, and better known in Japan as Saiyuki. it concerns the myriad adventures of a fabulous and supernatural monkey of amazing strength, charm, and versatility. Enma was summoned by the great Sandaime near his death.

as you can see, the portrait on the left shows that the great Sandaime was the tutor of the legendary Sannin: Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade. don't you think those three have many things in common with Kakashi's Team 7?

now you'll know why Orochimaru seems to know a lot about Anko. it's because he was the tutor of lil Anko. it seems to me that Anko had a kind of hidden feeling upon her former tutor (was it love?).

wow, what a surprise! our perverted hermit was actually the tutor of cute Yondaime. too bad Yondaime died soon after he sealed Kyuubi. i'd just wondered, was Yondaime as nasty as his former tutor? thank god he's not ^,^


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