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>> Toshokan 2

>> Japanese Slang Uncensored by Peter Constantine

Publisher : Tuttle
Genre : Language
ISBN : 4-900737-03-8
Price: US $12.95 (plus tax)
Rank : DOPE!!!

wanna improve your Japanese verbal skill by the extreme level? Yeah, it's certainly me and my pals fave book, because there are many hidden words that you might never can get in the class. this genius book reveals all hidden words use by the thieves, burglars, gamblers, monks, and above all... Japanese prostitutes ^ ^.

>> Ninja Weapons, Chains and Shurikens by Charles V. Gruzanski

Publisher : Tuttle
Genre : Martial Arts
ISBN : 0-8048-1705-7
Price : US $9.95 (plus tax)
Rank : SUX

i was hoping so bad that i could learn some ninjutsu from it, furthermore i'm still crazy about NARUTO. yet i have to admit that the proverb says "Don't judge a book by its cover" is damn right. this book talks about Masaki-ryu and Shuriken-justsu with less details.

>> Code of The Samurai by Taira Shigesuke (translated by Thomas Cleary)

Publisher : Tuttle
Genre : Literature
ISBN : 0-8048-3190-4
Rank : DOPE!!!

an amazing handbook for samurai freaks! as you read this book you'll feel as if you're a novice knight in the new era. at the same time it will open your mind of the unique and fascinating life of the samurai. a contemporary translation of the Bushido Shoshinshu (or Bushido for Beginners) which was a witness of the original way of Japanese warriors during the bakufu. i think this book was one of the best legacy along with Genji Monogatari.

>> SHINTO : The Kami Way by Sokyo Ono

Publisher : Tuttle
Genre : Religion
ISBN : 0-8048-1960-2
Price : US $8.95 (plus tax)
Rank : DOPE!!!

this book unveils Shinto's spiritual characteristics and discusses the architecture and function of Shinto shrines. further examination of Shinto's lively festivals, worship, music, and sacred regalia illustrates Shinto's influence on all levels of Japanese life.

>> SHOGI : Japan's Game of Strategy by Trevor Legget

Publisher : Tuttle
Genre : Games
ISBN : 0-8048-1903-3
Rank : DOPE!!!

i almost cried when i got this book on my hand since i had sought for a book of Shogi for ages. this book includes an explanation of the board, the moves of the different pieces, the effective use of the various pieces in game situations, the use of "paratroops" and defenses against "paratroop" attacks, the relative value of each of the openings and their results, and an explanation of how to read a Japanese score. PLUS a 'cute' Shogi starter-pack!

>> Wooden Mini Shougi Koma

this is not a book, indeed it's real wooden Shougi pieces yet smaller than original ones. there are 2 sets of Shougi pieces (plus 1 extra pawn) total 41 pieces. you can also find a paper Shougi board and a how-to-play guide inside the box. since it's made to be same as the original ones, the pieces have their original Japanese character on it. thus it makes those novice players who aren't used with Japanese character a bit difficult to recognize their pieces. yet with more practice it won't be a serious matter ^ ^. it's obviously more practical due to its small size and light in weight.

>> Beautiful Japan, A Souvenir by Narumi Yasuda and Leza Lowitz

Publisher : Tuttle
Genre : Travel Pictorial
ISBN : 0-8048-2054-6
Price : US $16.95 (plus tax)
Rank : THUMBS UP!!

a real 'beautiful' book since 95% are beautiful pictures of Japan's most appealing sites. also short clues about Japanese cuisine, festivals, and useful language.