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>> Toshokan 1

>> Everyday Life in Traditional Japan by Charles J. Dunn

Publisher : Tuttle
Genre : History
ISBN : 0-8048-1384-1
Price : US $14.95 (plus tax)
Rank : DOPE!!!

my very first Japanese book and still my most fave one! i found this book exactly when i really need sources for my old bakufu project. this book talks a lot about the Japanese 5 castes (samurai, farmers, craftsmen, merchants, and artisans) also the daily life in old Edo. complete with beautiful photographs and drawings to visualize the traditional Japanese life.

>> The 47 Ronin Story by John Allyn

Publisher : Tuttle
Genre : Fiction/Novel
ISBN : 0-8048-0196-7
Price : US $12.95 (plus tax)
Rank : THUMBS UP!!

my very first Japanese novel and has became my best collection. what else could be more interesting than a novel of the well known loyal samurai from Akou. actually i found this novel when i was dying for Shinsengumi novels. however, many says that the Akou roushi was the ancestor of Shinsengumi. so it's not in vain at all ^_^

>> A History of Japan Revised Edition by R.H.P Mason and J.G. Caiger

Publisher : Tuttle
Genre : History
ISBN : 0-8048-2097-X
Price : US $16.95 (plus tax)
Rank : GREAT!

i should have graded it as THUMBS UP!! since this thick, as well as heavy, book contains many details of Japanese history from the very early age of Yamato to the modern life. but since i found many gaps on its British-English text, i couldn't read it comfortably. there are many Japanese history books in store but this could be one of the best option.

>> Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

Publisher : PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Genre : Novel/Fiction
ISBN : 979-686-652-8
Rank : GREAT!

i bought this thick novel without knowing it was an American best seller. the one i bought has already been translated but i've seen the original English version in bookstore as well. to be honest i didn't really enjoy reading this novel, it took over six months for me to read it. however, my mom really loves this novel. Good news! Steven Spellberg finally made the movie after years of delay, it's a shame that the actress is not a Japanese

>> The Japanese Fairy Book compiled by Yei Theodora Ozaki

Publisher : Tuttle
Genre : Juvenile
ISBN : 0-8048-0885-6
Price : US $14.95 (plus tax)
Rank : THUMBS UP!!

a very amusing book which reminds me to my childhood bedtime stories. first time i saw it in the book store i was dubious with its contents. but then after seeing over and over again i eventually decided to buy it. there are total 22 stories compiled, from the very famous Urashima Taro to the brave Prince Yamato Take.

>> The Theory and Practice of GO by O. Korschelt

Publisher : Tuttle
Genre : Games
ISBN : 0-8048-1660-3
Price : US $11.95 (plus tax)
Rank : COOL

the only reason i bought this book was because i am crazy about Hikaru no Go. now when it has passed i feel sorry because it's so difficult to learn GO from it (or maybe i'm just too idiot >.<) i think at least you should have learned GO a lil before you read this book.

>> Totto-chan, A Little Girl at The Window by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

Publisher : PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Genre : Autobiography
ISBN : 979-22-0234-X
Rank : THUMBS UP!!

a book i will remember til the rest of my life ~_~ thanx to my best comrades who had bought this book for me in my 21st b' day. i couldn't believe that this book had finally being translated and published in my homeland. first time i know about this book was from a Japanese book i read in my university library years ago. if you want a book to kill the time then don't be hesitate to buy this book.

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