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Ayanami ReiFollowing the success of its anime, Shin Seiki EVANGELION is also available in manga format. In my personal opinion, the manga is far much better, for the story and character development. Maybe because the anime was made in haste so there are many things left unsaid. If you are EVANGELION hardcore otaku you have to read and collect the manga. I guarantee you won't regret, furthermore the mangaka is also the character designer for the anime, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

The manga is legally published in Japan by Shounen Ace from Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd. and currently still running. But since it has just being published in my hometown, I had only read some of the former issues Y_Y. There are some minor and major differences in the manga and the anime. Maybe because of different story maker, in the anime is Hideaki Anno meanwhile in the manga, it's made by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto based on the anime series. However, 2 men do not always have the same point of view. For example, Anno-sensei said that Shinji appears to be cold but when you know him better, Shinji is basically an ordinary teenager. On the contrary, Sadamoto-sensei said that Shinji may appears like an ordinary teenager but he's actually introvert and cold. More so, the anime focused on Shinji's behavior changes meanwhile the manga focused on Shinji's emotional development. However, I think both the anime and the manga is worthy.