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3rd CHILDREN : Ikari Shinji

Ikari ShinjiName : Ikari Shinji
Gender : Male
B' day : June 6 (14 years old)
Bloodtype : A
Parents : Rokubungi Gendou and Ikari Yui
Position : Third Children, EVA Unit 01 Pilot
Seiyuu : Obata Megumi
tetsuko : since inumako is hopelessly crazy about this boy, i'll let her make the profile. it's all yours!
inumako : yosh! domou ne, tetchan ^_~

As what tetsuko said previously, I'm really in love with Shin-chan because we have so many things in common. tetsuko was about to puke when she heard this but that's the truth, I was once like Shinji and sometimes still. Anyway, we're not supposed to talk about me here, so let me start it at once. Shinji is definitely not an ideal figure of hero or super robo pilot as in most mecha anime. He is a loner, introvert and pessimistic. He has a painful past that after his mother's death he was abandoned by his own father. Shinji has a learned-hopelessness that makes him feels there's no use to live, neither to die. That's why he often seen gloomy and depressed, but still I like him most when he smiles (^ v ^).

Among the pilots, Shinji is the most reluctant one in dealing with his job. He feels no one ever needed him but his role as EVA pilot. The true reason why he wants to be the EVA 01 pilot is to gain his father's attention. He wants to prove that he's not a mere useless son. Shinji lives under the same roof with Misato in her apartment, along with the sassy Asuka. His relationship with Rei is a bit awkward, but somehow Shinji found himself interested to her (before knowing that Rei is his mom's cloning). Day by day, Shinji learns about the meaning of his life, his fear, his pain, sadness and love. Shinji might be the main chara but I found that most otaku loves Rei or Asuka instead. Maybe for most people, a kind of person like Shinji is plain boring but I don't feel the same, because "Shinji-kun ga daisuki!" ^,^