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2nd CHILDREN : Souryu Asuka

Souryu Asuka Name :Souryu Asuka Langely
Gender : Female
B' day : Dec 4 (14 years old)
Bloodtype : O
Parents : Souryu Kyoko Zappelin
Position : Second Children, EVA Unit 02 Pilot
Seiyuu : Miyamura Yuko

A hyperactive, arrogant, coarse but also intelligent chick, Asuka had been prepared to be Evangelion pilot since she was a lil girl. She always being such a superior who likes discrediting the others. Maybe she's the only one who feels proud of being EVA pilot, there she got her pride. She dislikes Rei so much that she didn't want to be her back-up and often called her as 'ningyou' or doll. She'd rather to fight alone in order to prove that she doesn't have to depend on the others. Her relation with Shinji is somehow a lil abusive, that's why inumako really dislikes Asuka ^^". I think basically Asuka dislikes anyone who's better than her but actually she never really meant to hurt anyone.

Somehow, beneath her irritating behaviors, Asuka has so many painful memories esp. her childhood. She was being ignored by her own mom who'd rather to talk with a doll instead. Her mom finally ended her life tragically by suicide. Since then Asuka learned that she couldn't depend on anyone. Eventhough Asuka appears to be flirtatious but she naturally hates boys, there is only one guy she likes i.e. Kaji-san. In the end of the series, Asuka lost her proud esp. when she lost control of her beloved EVA 02. Her position then replaced by Nagisa Kaoru.