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4th CHILDREN : Suzuhara Touji

Suzuhara ToujiName :Suzuhara Touji
Gender : Male
B' day : ? (14 years old)
B' type : ?
Parents : ?
Position : Fourth Children, EVA 03 Pilot
Seiyuu : Seki Tomokazu

There aren't many things I know about this kid but the fact that he is Shinji-tachi classmate. Touji used to hate Shinji to the bones because his lil sister was badly injured due to Shinji's carelessness in a battle with the 3rd Angel. Touji, who is hotheaded, gave Shinji a fist of punch because he thinks Shinji was irresponsible in doing his job. But when the 4th Angel strikes, Shinji saved his life and Aida Kensuke which makes him changed his mind.

He feels guilty because of hitting and blaming Shinji without knowing the burden that Shinji carries on as an EVA pilot. Since that day, they become close friends (though they never realize it). However, as he was chosen to be the 4th Children, Touji becomes a bit quiet and thoughtful. Ironically, EVA 03 which he rides on was hijacked by the 13th Angel. Shinji, who didn't know that Touji is the pilot, was ordered to eliminate it together with its pilot. When Shinji realizes it, he get outraged and with the remain supply power he tried to destroy NERV HQ in order to kill his father.