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5th CHILDREN : Nagisa Kaoru

Nagisa KaoruName :Nagisa Kaoru
Gender : Male (apparently)
B' day : September 13 (14 years old)
Bloodtype : ?
Parents : Adam + Lilith *spoiler*
Position : Fifth Children, EVA Unit 02 Replacement Pilot, 17th Angel
Seiyuu : Ishida Akira

Ara! finally is my turn to introduce my fave chara @_@. Kaoru-kun is both mysterious and charming. He only appears in episode 24 and few glimpses in The End of Evangelion, but he holds an important role in the story. Indeed Kaoru is the last Angel who was sent intentionally by SEELE as replacement pilot for EVA 02 because of Asuka's mental dysfunction. He told Rei that they were basically the same, dolls which were made to engage the Third Impact.

Kaoru seems pay so much attention to Shinji, and his coming is at a perfect time. When Shinji feels he have no one to be called as friend, Kaoru came and said "The 5th Children has just arrived" just like an answer of a prayer. Soon Shinji and Kaoru becomes keen friends, even inumako thinks that Kaoru had a crush on Shinji (she watched too much shounen-ai * v *). On my personal opinion, Kaoru was fated to meet Shinji and open Shinji's eyes about who human really are. I really like every words he said esp. "Man always has pain in his heart, since his heart feels pain he experiences life as pain." Kaoru finally gave up his life on the hands of Shinji because he thinks Shinji deserves to live. However, the incident caused a deep regret and depression on Shinji because he put so much trust on Kaoru and helpless to take the reality that Kaoru is an Angel..