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Gendou and Crews

Ikari Gendou
Name : Ikari Gendou
Real Name : Rokubungi Gendou
B' day : April 29
Age : 48
Blood Type : A
Position : NERV Supreme Commander
Seiyuu : Tachiki Fumihiko
The man inumako hates most, just don't ever spell his name in front of her ^^". Well I think this guy deserves to be hated, despite all his hard works. Ikari Gendou is a guy who will to use anything to attain his goals. Even scarifying his own wife, Ikari Yui and his son, Shinji. He always seems cold and controlled, even when the goings get pretty tough he never seems to get panic. However, a man never been a truly devil, Gendou also has a 'humane' side that no one else could feel but Rei. He always wearing glove to cover up the burnt scars because of rescuing Rei in the first EVA 00 experiment. His attention to Rei has made Shinji jealous and also curious.

Fuyutsuki Kouzou
Name : Fuyutsuki Kouzou
Age : 58
Position : NERV Assistant Commander
Seiyuu : Kiyokawa Motomu
A genius professor who once Ikari Yui's lecturer in Kyoto University. He has the look of a wise old man, and indeed he is. There's no clue about his family or relatives, all we know he used to hate Ikari Gendou so much of his human instrumentality ideas, but then he eventually becomes Gendou's right hand in NERV. He more often seen in command than Gendou. The SEELE once kidnapped him and tried to make him betraying Gendou but then he's saved by Kaji, which lead to Kaji's death.

Akagi Ritsuko
Name : Akagi Ritsuko
B' day : Nov 21
Age : 30
Blood Type : B
Position : Head of Evangelion Development Project
Seiyuu : Yamaguchi Yuriko
Misato's best friend in their university times. Ritsuko seems to hid many things about herself and NERV. She doesn't like to talk about herself as it's just a boring topic. As a daughter of famous scientist she inherited a great talent of computer programming and entrusted for the Evangelions' development project. Her mother, Akagi Naoko, is the creator of NERV Super Computer MAGI. Ritsuko seems to care nothing but her works and doesn't get along much with guys, however she have an unrequited love with Gendou (just like her deceased mother). Ritsuko and Kaji indeed have a suspicious bond, that they seem to know something more about the NERV and Second Impact.

Kaji Ryouji
Name : Kaji Ryouji
B' day : June 17
Age : 30
Blood Type : A
Position : NERV Special Force
Seiyuu : Yamadera Koichi
A typical lecher ^o^, he was Misato's girlfriend in university but Misato dumped him when she found out how resembled Kaji to her father. When they meet again, Misato realized that she's actually still in love with him. Kaji works for the NERV but also for SEELE and JSSDF. He seems to enjoy his job as double agent just like playing with fire. Kaji only seek for one thing i.e. to see the truth with his own eyes, but it has to be paid high with his life. Kaji is in fact the one who opens Misato's mind about what actually is going on NERV.