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Misato and Crews

Katsuragi Misato
Name : Katsuragi Misato
B' day : Dec 8
Age : 29
Blood Type : A
Position : NERV Operation Chief
Seiyuu : Mitsuishi Kotono
An attractive woman with cheerful and optimistic personality, who's the Evangelion pilots' main superior officer and eventually she becomes Shinji's guardian and caretaker figure. She lived in an apartment with her cute tropical penguin named Pen Pen, along with Shinji and Asuka. This girl is much like inumako in about her messy of room ^^". She also loves drinking "Yebisu" beer (just take a look inside of her fridge). Misato was the one of rare survivors who witnessed the Second Impact and was muted for years because of the trauma. But when she began to talk again, she becomes incredibly talkative as if she wants to pay for her muted times.

Hyuga Makoto
Name : Hyuga Makoto
Age : 23
Position : NERV Assistant Strategist
Seiyuu : Yuki Hiro
As an assistant strategist, Hyuga is the one who works most of the time with Misato when opponents strikes. This humble guy spends his time most in the HQ on or off duty. He may seems to be calm but he dares to hack NERV secret data to find the answer of his curiosity of what really happens behind the NERV. Hyuga is probably Misato's right hand in trust, together they discover the truth though it might risk their life. Maybe Hyuga will never be more than friend to Misato but Hyuga is will to do anything for her, even to die in the spot with her.

Maya Ibuki
Name : Maya Ibuki
Age : 23
Position : Evangelion Technical Assistant
Seiyuu : Nagasawa Miki
This cute and friendly girl really admires Ritsuko whom she addressed as 'Senpai'. She often seen together with Dr. Ritsuko Akagi whenever Ritsuko is about to prepare any experiments relating to the Evangelions or even regarding the S. C. MAGI. Although she knows a lot about technical stuffs but she doesn't have much guts to use firearms, especially in a direct battle with humans. There are many rumors said that she's a lesbian but I'm not pretty sure about it

Aoba Shigeru
Name : Aoba Shigeru
Age : 23
Position : NERV Computer Technician
Seiyuu : Kogasu Takehito
Often seen with Hyuga and Maya in the front part of the terminals in the Geo-Front. Although he works most behind the computers he's indeed quite handy using firearms. Aoba is often quiet and doesn't talk about anything much. He has a deep interest into music, it is seen from his hobby playing guitar. However due to his stressful duty in the HQ he can only practice with an imaginary guitar when the situation is less emerge. His long hairdo is somehow reminds me to those rock-stars on MTV ^_^.