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Name : Fujisaki Akari
B' day : May 17th
Gender : Female
Height : 5' 3" (160 cm)
Blood Type : O
School : Haze Junior High School
Dislikes : Ghost
"Datte Hikaru wa GO o yameru wakejanaidamono"


This true kindhearted girl is Shindou Hikaru's childhood friend. She is very nice and friendly to anyone (what a nice girl desu ne?). Even though Hikaru is always being such ignorant and coarse to her, she will never let him go ^_~. This honest and straight forward girl seems to always being around Hikaru. Her nice personality could tame everyone's heart, esp. Hikaru ^_~. It seems that Akari has a hidden 'feeling' to Hikaru, demo... Hikaru is too ignorant to realize that ^ ^;

Akari is the one who get the effect of Hikaru's obsession to GO. She joined with her school GO club (together with Hikaru, Tsutsui Kimihiro and Mitani Yuuki), then started the first girl's team. Even when Hikaru finally decided to resign from the club, Akari stayed while saying "I won't quit... because Hikaru isn't quitting GO". She believes somehow that GO has bound her and Hikaru.

Fujisaki Akari