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Insei is the title for the students at the Japan GO Association or Nihon Ki-In. To be an insei, someone have to pass the entrance match with a GO pro. And when someone became an insei he may not join in any amateur match.

Literally means "the steady stones" or, as we would say, the theory of openings. Just as chess, the great masters have attentively studied the openings in GO because the whole game follows from here. In GO the play is begun at the four corners, and there are, taken successively, four opening in contrast with one in chess. If a play is made at each corner, then the position of the stones begin to influence any further corner plays.

Or territory. It's the area on the GO ban you own by placing your stones into an unbreakable line. And even if it necessary, you can 'eat' your opponent's stones in order to continue your line. Your Ji is counted by the amount of your moku.

Kami no Itte
The title which Sai urge to have so that he couldn't reincarnate because his will hasn't been fulfilled. Kami no Itte or The Hands of God is a title given to a GO pro who have an excellent skill and talent.

Me literally means eye. GO game will over when there are no place to expand the Ji and no more opponent's stones to be 'eaten'. When the game is over, it's the time to start counting Me of each player to determine who's the winner. The winner is player with the higher sum of Me.

Moku is the point where you put your stones, it's the cross made by the horizontal and vertical lines on the GO ban. Moku is also being used to count the amount of attacks. Tatoeba, your moku is 65 meanwhile your opponent's is 52,5 that means you won 12,5 moku or your opponent lose 12,5 moku.


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