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Name : Isumi Shinichirou
B' day : April 18th
Blood Type : A
"Ore no GO ga ore o sasaeteiru"


The same as Waya Yoshitaka, he is a friend of Shindou Hikaru's in Nihon Ki-In. He is 18 year-old and had already been twice try to pass the pro contest, demo... he's always fail ^.^". Kawaiso da ne T_T

Isumi is the best Insei of the Group 1 but he hasn't passed the pro contest although there's another insei on the lower level had passed before him. Somehow it makes him felt so depressed, especially his age is on the limit of insei's max age (18 years old). Isumi seems to be more mature and patient, maybe because he is the eldest among Hikaru-tachi. Compared with Waya who's tempered, Isumi would rather to be quite and hold his anger than get outraged.

Later on Isumi went to China and occupy GO diligently there. In China he learned how to keep a stable emotion when he plays Go and above all, self esteem. Then he returned back to Japan with full force of self confidence. He was the one who made desperate Hikaru realized that the true Sai is still living in his Go play. Thanx to Isumi-san ^^. In his 3rd effort he passed the pro contest with no chance of losing anymore. Together with Waya and Hikaru, they will be the future Go Pro. Ganbatte ne, Isumi-san!



Isumi Shinichirou