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Name : Touya Kouyo
B' day : July 29
Blood Type : B
Rank : Meijin, Tengen, Ooza, Gosei


Touya Akira's father who never looks so friendly. I think he always thinking of Go so that he has a very bad sense of humor. However he really cares about his son's career. Shindou Hikaru met him for the first time when Hikaru screw up the amateur Go competition, but he didn't know that Akira is actually Touya meijin's son. Until one day Hikaru was forced to face him at the Go salon, Touya meijin was so curious about the boy who had defeated his son. But that battle was undone as Hikaru get shocked when he realized he was able to clip the stones properly and thought Fujiwara no Sai was controlling him.

As a Meijin, it could be said that he is the best Go player in Japan. That makes Touya meijin became Sai's worst enemy because to attain the "Kami no Itte" Sai has to defeat this man. After a fair duel with Sai in the net, Touya meijin lost and as he'd said beforehand to Hikaru, "If I lost I will withdraw myself from the Go world", he then retired.

After his last match, Sai is slowly fading away. It's because his wish to play with the most capable Go player has been fulfilled. However, Sai's departure doesn't end the story since Hikaru is urge to follow Sai's obsession to attain the Hands of God. This time Hikaru will have to face Touya Akira.

Touya Meijin