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Rurouni Kenshin Anime
~ Samurai X ~

" ORO? " - Kenshin

Due to the numerous episodes (94 + 1 unaired), I'm humbly sorry if I couldn't write the details of each episode, but I do my best to give enough clues. Me myself had watched this series THREE TIMES! but... still I couldn't remember it all (I'm braindead musume). I noticed that Watsuki-sensei didn't take a part in this series, and the reason why there were many parts in Manga which didn't come out in the Anime is because Furuhashi-san (the director) wanted to improve the story and add some other stories which are not related to the original ones. If you watch the English version it has been re-dubbed and entitled as Samurai X.

Ep. 1 - 12 : The introduction of Himura Kenshin with Kamiya Kaoru, Myoujin Yahiko, Sagara Sanosuke, Takani Megumi, Oniwabanshuu, Shinomori Aoshi dan Tsubame. (Taken from the Manga part 1 - part 33)

Ep. 13 - 18 : The story of a sumo wrestler named Toramaru, counterfiet doctor Raiko, Jinputai and an ex-hitokiri Sasaki, a circus girl Marimo, and battle with the Onizaki brothers.

Ep. 19 - 21 : The story of Yahiko and Yutaro, Kenshin vs Raijuuta. (Taken fom the Manga part 34 - part 44)

Ep. 22 : Kenshingumi on a journey by train to Yokohama.

Ep 23 - 24 : Tsukioka Tsunan, Sanosuke's old comrade in Sekihoutai. (Taken fom the Manga part 45 - part 47)

Ep. 25 - 27 : Story of a lady pirate named Shura. Kenshin was being hostage by the sea bandits but later on, Kenshin helped Shura against her own men.

Ep. 28 - 62 : Kyoto Hen. The battle of Kenshin, Saitou and Sano (later on with Aoshi) against Shishio Makoto and Juppon Gatana. (Taken from the Manga part 48 - part 151). Kenshin's greatest battle ever!

Ep. 63 : The legend of fireflies, Kenshin's love vow for Kaoru.

Ep. 64 : Prince 'Yahiko', Yahiko disguised as a Prince who is definitely look like him.

Ep. 65 : Notaru, Sanosuke's dog which is really BIG and nasty (real funny episode *lol*)

Ep. 66 : Kaoru's engagement ring, Kenshin found a ring inside a fish and gave it to Kaoru as B'day present but Kaoru thought that it was an engagement ring, then everything turned upside-down as Sano found out the real owner of the ring ( pretty ridiculous ^o^).

Ep. 67 - 76 : Kenshin in Shimabara. The battle with Amakusa Shougo, a man who mastered Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu. Love story of Sano and Lady Magdaria (quite touchy ~_~)

Ep. 77 : Kenshin and another counterfeit Battousai (I like this episode because of the Kabuki style, so 'cool' ^^)

Ep. 78 : Kenshigumi in a hot spring inn, a painter fell in love with Kaoru and tried to defeat Kenshin (very nice and funny one, made me get a stomachache "ORO!!!" )

Ep. 79 - 82 : Kaishu Katsu and the treasure of Tokugawa Yoshinobu.

Ep. 83 - 88 : The return of Yutaro and Dr. Hans to Japan, and the hunt of Divine Medicine. Kenshingumi vs Kurokishidan (Black Knight) led by Lieutenant Melders and Sanada ninjas led by Moriya Misanagi.

Ep. 89 : The Oniwabanshuu, including the very cool dude Aoshi, came to Tokyo to pick up Misao. Kenshin and Aoshi having such a friendly time together, meanwhile Kaoru and the groupies ^_^ went out shopping and causing some disturbances in the town (real sassy girls ^_~).

Ep. 90- 94 : The last affair for Kenshingumi, Fusui (Feng Shui). The battle against Jinpu and Reisui. (Oh dear, I'm gonna miss you all guys T_T)

Ep. 95 : The Lost Episode - Wanderer's End
This episode was only being released in DVD (I have it!, thanx to my bigbro). The story set when Meiji era was in peaceful situation (finally...) Kenshin and Kaoru went out-town, visiting Kaoru's parent graves and went to the beach. But suddenly the rain falls down heavily, it was the summer storm, so they have to stay one night together in an inn ^v^. Meanwhile in Tokyo, Sano stays in Megumi's clinic and chopping log only to get free food (Sano, serve you right! *lol*), and Yahiko was having meal with his future 'wife', Tsubame. My fave scene is when you can see Kenshin, Kaoru, Yahiko, Megumi and the others were sleeping (my goodness, they look so sweet). Then the next day, Kenshin and Kaoru head back to Tokyo with a boat and see all of their friends were standing on the bridge, waiting for them. Nice end ne? I like it though it's not too funny (I was hoping to see Kenshin says "Oro").

There are many cool sountracks in this anime, some sung by Japanese famous pop/rock bands such as Judy and Mary, T.M. Revolution, Siam Shade, Yellow Monkey, and even the almighty L'arc en Ciel (Laruku). It's not worthless at all to collect all of the soundtrack cds.


  1. SCTV and ANTV, for airing Samurai X over and over again.
  2. Chibi Watsuki-san and his Rurouni Kenshin's Website where you can find anything you want to know about Kenshin.
  3. My oniichan, Pipim, for giving me the 95th episode as X'maz present and bought me the posters.
  4. Neko-sama, for the fansub of the Lost Episode. Fansub Rulez!!!


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